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This One's For U Lyrics

Artist: Kurupt
Album: Kuruption

Gangsta nigga!
To all the homies (for all the homies)
No bitch ass niggas allowed
No bitches allowed (We goin' do it like this)
Kurupt Young Godi Check it out

Gangsta gangsta I'm a G from the D
That's what the ridahs see
I'ma get a quarter mil quarter inch with the deal
Come through grey and blue
I'ma show you what I do where I hang the shit
Dogg Pound Gangstaville in the cut nigga what
I'ma slip through, If you trip, I'ma trip too
Get a bitch to strip til' the homies dick through
Got my nigga Slip too
And I got a whole eighth of "woo" and that's all we need
Til' we hit the next spot, cause when I flew in
I knew it's bout' to be a G-ed up reunion
Ain't no words to express this song
Cause one day ya here, and the next ya gone
This goes out to the homies
And this is straight from the heart and true and this one's for you!

This one's for you! Yah. This one's for you!
This one's for you! Wooah. This one's for you!
(Give it up nigga, give it up fool)

Hollered at one of the homies the other day
He said son ??? and then he looked the other way
Turned back and draw, and all ya saw, was a vision of himself
He choked and in the ???
I just paused the lab, that's some familiar shit
Cause the other day I dreamt up some similar shit
So I tell him I love ya and stay safe then I skates
To a whole different hood where different shit takes place
I been G, since the age of 18
When I first ran in the heaters, 9 millimeters
Get the cash and sprunt, all the homies mash as one
Took the bong and smoke deez hundred spokes
Holla at the big homeboy C-Style
Haven't seen him in awhile, so I pops the stash
Pull out the ???, shrooms and hash
I didn't think niggas could last
Cause ain't nuttin' fuckin' wit Kurupt and Daz


I feel a woo comin on cuz ( 2 x) WOOO WOOOO!
I feel a woo comin on cuz ( 2 x)

There I was,
When I talk about history, or psychology, or biology
We talk about DPology, Gology, a Gs and all the Gs
Gs in rare form, Cs in rare form
I gots visions, ammunitions load up a ??? storm
Stack up the cut just like bustas
Heaters cocked back for all you muthafuckas that's trying touch us
I got licks to hit, put that ass on crutches
Conceal the glock, pancakes stop and drop
Blown, hold up, what's goin' on?
My man Capone got a hold of his own
Hoppin in fo's, slammin' Cadillac do's wit a gang of hoes
Could we put hoes nigga
Banged out, this is for the niggas who bang
Kurupt's the name, nigga you know the game
Snoop Dogg's the name, nigga you know the game
Dat Nigga Daz the name, you know exactly what we claim
Heaters cocked back get scorched just like flames
Dope in the wind, indo and hair
The gang nigga

(Chorus til fade)


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