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Step Into a World (Rapture's Delight) Lyrics

Artist: KRS-One
Album: I Got Next

Intro/Chorus: sung to the tune of Blondie's "Rapture"

Step into a world (Klaka klaka, klaka klaka!)
Where there's no one left (Buku, buku! Alla de massive!)
But the very best (Klaka, bo bo, BDP crew, bo bo bo bo!)
No MC can test *cut and scratch of KRS saying "but one"*
Step into a world, where hip-hop is me
Where MC's and DJ's
Build up their skills as they play every day
For the, rapture

Yeah, what what!
Yes yes y'all, ya don't stop, KRS-One, rock on!
Yes yes y'all, ya don't stop, KRS-One, rock on!

Verse One:

I'm bout to hit you wit that tradional style of cold rockin
Givin options for head knockin non stoppin
Tip-toppin lyrics we droppin but styles can be forgotten
so we bring back the raw hip-hoppin
Just like the records and tapes you be coppin
Cop some breakdancin, boogie poppin, and lockin
Tic tockin, guaranteed to have you clockin
We only get better and only better we have gotten
This type of flow don't even think about stoppin
Beware, the length of the rhyme flow can be shockin
All music lovers in the place right now
That never understood the way that KRS got down
Yo I'm strictly about skills and dope lyrical coastin
Relying on talent, not marketing and promotion
If a dope lyrical flow is a must
You gots to go with a name you can quickly trust
I'm not sayin I'm number one, uhh I'm sorry, I lied
I'm number one, two, three, four and five
Stop wastin your money on marketing schemes
and pretty packages pushin dreams to the beams
A dope MC is a dope MC
With or witout a record deal, all can see
And that's who KRS be son
I'm not the run of mill, cause for the mill I don't run

Yes yes y'all, ya don't stop, KRS-One, rock on!
Yes yes y'all, ya don't stop, KRS-One, rock on!


Verse Two:

Yeah, yeah
Everybody on the mic in the party sound alike
until I recite, in black and white what's right
Let me take flight, my style is TIGHT AN GOOD
Old styles I pass dat, slow down on fast rap
All in yo' ass crack, old King go Blast dat
Conjure to ask dat, hyper type of flashback
I publish like ASCAP lyrics for hand clap
No past rappin, youth trackin, talent lackin
MC's more worried about their financial backin
Steady packin a gat as if something's gonna happen
But it doesn't, they wind up shootin they cousin, they buggin
I appear everywhere and nowhere at once
I know my style is bumpin, even though some people front
It's the God of rap, you heard of it
The one that rhymes toward the sky givin airplanes mad turbulence
In rap tournaments, I reign permanent
Don't you think by now the number one spot I'm not concerned with it
The course of rap I'm turnin it
Back to that good old fashioned way of getting cash money by earning it
No bogus hocus pocus, I bring back to focus
Skills if you notice my position is lotus
Now quote this, MC's are just hopeless
Thinkin record sales make them the dopest

Yes yes y'all, ya don't stop, KRS-One, rock on!
Yes yes y'all, ya don't stop, KRS-One, rock on!



by carlos on 9/23/2008 4:18pm
this beat is tight!!!!!
by carlos on 9/23/2008 4:19pm
greatest mc this song is the brings back memories!!!!!
by Oleva on 10/28/2008 4:38am
this is one the dopest songs of all time. We need more of this kinda lyrics.
by Samurai on 11/12/2008 3:21pm
this song is awesome i like the bat and stuff they need to make good stuff like this
by SMOOTH on 12/30/2008 1:02pm
he should drop this single once again to show these "Mc's" today how shit should be done!!!! this song is fkkn GREAT!!!
by netscaven on 12/30/2008 9:23pm
What does allah de Massive mean?
by Heroskillz on 1/2/2009 11:39am
KRS-ONE will Always be Number 1
by Fatman on 1/8/2009 3:17pm
who's the girl that sings the chorus? thanks.
by bac-t on 1/13/2009 8:36am
man man keep it up coz that`s the real hip hop krs one still tha number one mc
by Fibbonacci on 1/25/2009 11:03pm
What up, everybodY? Let's come on my space and see how i kick my shit. Let's do it: If u like, let comment, I would be well pleased. I really wish u'll appreciate it. Peace.
by TC on 3/1/2009 1:06pm
Alla the massive is a general cal out to the possee as it were. It is a contraction of "All of the Massive" of Jamaican origin...
by spartanboy on 4/6/2009 12:16am
respect for KRS ONE
by simon on 6/13/2009 9:45pm
haha blondie sings chorus?
by sotoshaska on 8/3/2009 1:59pm
the girl in the chorus is thechick from blondie. from the amazing song rapture.
by 2point5RS on 2/14/2010 11:52pm
KRS-One is dope
by marauder96 on 3/17/2010 4:25pm
Seriously, i remember breaking to this track. KRS ONE! FTMFW!
by murderukobe2123 on 4/21/2010 6:59pm
dis song and beat is tight
by Nynar Hajek on 5/13/2010 1:01pm
I dig this song
by NynarHajek on 5/13/2010 1:23pm
I lub dis song.
by Yliana, CA on 7/25/2010 8:16pm
DOPESTTTT shit ever!
by dirtytwist on 9/28/2010 9:37pm
god bless da old skool
by djksmooth on 10/1/2010 9:18am
what have i heard that keyboard loop in the back
by Springbokfan on 10/11/2010 1:42pm
He's talking about Slick Rick when he says "steady packing a gat as if something's gonna happen they wind up shooting theri cousin" right?
by ndech on 11/20/2010 5:30am
a dope mc is a dope mc
by vvvvvvvvv on 3/29/2011 4:41pm
by J-dope on 1/22/2012 12:29pm
i wanna know from witch song it's inspired cause i'm sure that i break on that old song and i don't remember the song from the original
by @Shan_ontheDL on 5/10/2013 5:45am
Still one of my favourite tracks. oldie but still very relevant!

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