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The Set Up (feat Keef G) Lyrics

Artist: Krayzie Bone
Album: LeathaFace - The Legends Underground (Part I)

-Intro-Krayzie & Keef G-
(Hello) What's up nigga? (What's crackin' my nigga?) Got a problem down here man (What?) These motherfuckin' police down here tryin' to set a nigga up (You bullshittin') Tryin' to plant guns and dope in my car (Where you at?) I broke the fuck out but they got me hepped up in the alley (Well, what's happenin') So what I want you to do is get the Thug Nation niggas on the phone (Right) and let's ride on these motherfuckers once and for all my nigga

These police is got me runnin' for my freedom, hittin' the fences I can't see 'em/ Settin' me up, bitches threaten to wet me up and arrest me, fuck/ Some shit they're tryin' to plant in my ride/ They said they found a pound of a weed and dirty nine that I had stashed at the side/ And on top of that they said I was wanted for playin' with guns/ Now watch LeathaFace run fast through the alley, here they come/ I hear sirens, I'm desperate, they gettin' closer to catchin' me/ I need to make it to safety cauze haters is sweatin' me/ I'm almost through the alley but a police car cut me off/ I guess he through I was stopped, but I jumped right up, over, and out/ Ran two blocks up and now a niggas dippin' through the projects/ Shit is gettin serious man cauze now the po-po's poppin' and I'm dodgin' them bullets/ Fucked around and found a place to hide/ Let them motherfuckers ride by, but they gots to die/ Call my nigga Keef-G, nigga meet me at the hide out, tonight's the night niggas ride out

We silently, we violently, despise police, entirely (We just dont give a fuck about, we never gave a fuck about â'em/ We just dont give a fuck about, never gave a fuck about â'em, just don't give a fuck about 'em)

Keef G (Krayzie)
LeathaFace gimme a minute, a minute I'm ready to swoop, swoop 10 and out, H-2 we bulletproof/ Can we make it to the safe house and I'm tellin' you man, let them touch you, don't have to worry â'bout Saddam Hussane; We got a hundred Thug Nation Souljahs, bitch, every state, all black, lil' chrome with a motherfuckin' right up face (I say we spray the place, blow up they motherfuckin' precincts and kill everybody, nigga what 'chu think?) Sit back watch this (?) meet a motherfucker/ Hit him hard, burn rubber, watch a nigga hit the button/ We gon' tear these fuckin' pigs out/ This is for the niggas get slammed on the hood tops, niggas goin' all out (Pull up to the curb and keep the car runnin'/ First, when I come out that motherfucka, nigga start gunnin', you ready?) I'm ready (Toss a fire bomb through the door and when them niggas start to run, pick 'em, niggas fall like dominos)


Keef G (Krayzie)
We bout to show â'em â'bout this house quake/ Potential to blow up some windows/ Crooked cops chalked out, now they the victims/ Plus, nigga what 'chu done did? We gon' talk bout that later, deal with this shit, real nigga, trill shit (This meal ticket got ya trippin' huh? They wanna lynch a nigga it's simply cauze my position kinda large/ Got enough niggas to start a million thug march/ Killas, niggas, with no regard for tha laws) Don't worry about a damn thang, we gon' roast a pig/ Call my Thug Nation Souljahs and my Bone Thug nigs/ We ain't goin' for the banana in the tail pipe or the peace pipe/ Let's see how many niggas down to die tonight (Now tell me what'cha gonna do when the motherfuckin' thugstas come for you, for you, for you... What 'cha gonna do when the motherfuckin' thugstas come for you, and we shoot...)


Krayzie talking to police
(Crooked Police Department, this is Sergeant Kick-ass.) Yeah, listen up you slimey pig motherfucker. (What the hell did you say?) Shut the fuck up and listen up. Now you motherfuckers want a war with the Thug Nation nigga, you motherfuckers bring it. Cauze it's tired of you motherfuckers comin' down on our block settin' niggas up and harrassin' motherfuckers all the goddamn time. Now whenever you motherfuckers want it ya'll motherfuckers bring it down to the block nigga (Who the hell is this?) That ain't important. You just tell your squad next time they come down to this motherfucker patrollin' they better watch the fuck out cauze we will shoot your ass, we will bust back motherfucker. That's right motherfucker, niggas is buckin' back in Duece Double O Tre motherfuckers {gunshot}


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Krayzie Bone Lyrics
Krayzie Bone LeathaFace - The Legends Underground (Part I) Lyrics

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