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Armageddon Lyrics

Artist: Krayzie Bone
Album: Thugs Mentality

Krayzie Bone
The time has come...Let us unite...Mo!
Thug Queen
My heavenly father's children (Felecia My heavenly father) the time has come for
judgement/ Armageddon/ False prophets
never blend in/ For we are revelation angels descending for our sins (KB My
Lordy-Lord) No need to pretend
For providin' me oxygen, I loved since I began/ Prayin' to wash away my sins/
Babylon the Great, has fallen
Offsprings of the wicked one, crawlin'/ Fearin' that their Lord is callin'/
Bless these seeds of the Almighty.
(So much hostility installed in me) Destination of the infamous (burn eternally)
Bless these seeds of the Almighty
(So much hostility installed in). Destination of any earth(burn eternally)
Oh, look what we've done, what have we brung? Oh, look what we've done, what
have we brung?
Souljah Boy
It's Armageddon/ Pay attention/ You better recognize, the end is comin'
You'll be wishin' it wasn't time to die cuz I can see and I can feel it/ It's
all in my bones
And ain't no tellin' when you livin', you're dead and gone, but strong
We come through this war/ I thought you knew it's over/ We recruit, they loot
and loot
You better be prepared to shoot/ So look out boy (And it's really comin') Uh-oh,
No no, not no evil system/ Armageddon bring new kingdom
Hey, tell me where you runnin' too, cuz when I find youYou're marked by the
So you're not a surviver/ So it's time to die, kiss ourselves good-bye/ The
whole world
bites the dust, couldn't live; we're corrupted up
Souljah Boy
Enough, get up and get yourself together/ Get your kids
Cuz they rebellin', got to learn 'em the lesson/ It's tough, you're brought
Caught up in your own web/ And it's your fault, got no pulse/ Armageddon
'bout havin' you broke off, but, still you don't wanna learn, learn
(Standin' too) close to that fire, get burned, burned
Murda is comin' to get us (believe it) Can see it in front of your face
(You can feel it) I hear all the screamin'/ The vision of killin' us, swiftly
finna get rid of
us wicked ones/ It's the end of the world/ Puttin' us all in a coffin/ But y'all
don't be
feelin' me now? How silly can we be? It's judgement day as we speak (speak)
And there ain't no other road (No!) Death is the only way to go, slow
Murda is comin' to get us, split us, all within time/ Armageddon...
-Refrain (Felecia)-
Armageddon (armageddon) The end is comin'(The end is comin')
You better get ready(You better get ready) Oh, Armageddon(Armageddon)
Armageddon/ Destruction rollin' over us in murderous ways
Killin' you, everybody, see? Did anybody pray? But it's much too late
If you have not been chose on Judgement Day/ Bloody fate/ And you can't say
";Wait!"; Can you imagine? See, your life can end and I mean your life's
just flashin' (Poof!) Gon' do, gon' do? You gon' live the rest of your life
Or do you wan' die with the rest of your life, life? Somebody callin' me
Tellin' me, ";You better get up, the end is comin'! It's comin'!"; They comin'!";
Yes!";And I mean it!"; I know it, I know it's near!"; Look here, ha! You ain't
to be outside when the sun no longer shine, that's right, that's right
That's right/ And look at you burn, we're lost/ Fallin' from the ground
Law-free are, we are freedom from the po-po/ We don't need 'em no more
And I hope you catch the first blow
Souljah Boy
I'm givin' much praise to the Lord above me/ No one could
change that/ I'm knowin' the difference between life and death and why you lie
Gimme your life and live forever/ Who put you all on that level? Cuz the life
will be nice
Souljah Boy will do you better/ Never put anything before your children
Honor your mother or father, you're gonna live forever in the Kingdom Peace
The Maker; he got somethin' for us/ He gave us life, y'all
And he's gonna have to destroy it, gotta make it right
Mo! Hart
And there shall be great earthquakes
and the sun becomes as black as sack cloth and the moon as blood.
And the stars of heaven shall fall unto the earth, even as a fig tree
casts her untimely figs when she is shaken of the mighty wind. And the heavens
the heavens will depart as a scroll when it is rolled together.
And every mountain and island will move out of their places.
And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men
and the ship captains, and the mighty men, and every bond-man
and every free man shall hide themselves in the dens and in the
rocks of the mountains. And shall say to the mountain and the rocks,
";Fall on us, fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sit
upon the throne and from the wrath of the lamb, for the great day
of his wrath has come"; And who shall be able to stand? Who shall
be able to stand? Who shall be able to stand?


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