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Rise 'n' Shine Lyrics

Artist: Kool Moe Dee
Album: Funke Funke Wisdom

[ INTRO: Kool Moe Dee ]
And yes y'all
The sounds that you hear
Is gonna be so rare
You have no fear
Cause three live brothers are here
We got KRS-One from Boogie Down Productions
Special shout to Melodie
We got my man Chuck D in the house from Public Enemy
And I am Kool Moe Dee

[ VERSE 1: Kool Moe Dee ]
Are you ready, to elevate
As I rhyme on time you'll illuminate
Hard as diamond, knowledge shinin
It's that time and it's all in the timin
400 years blood, sweat and tears
The rain is over, and the sun is here
Yeah, bright and clear, countdown to the year
No fear, cause I'm in there
Holdin my mic like the staff of Ra
Bringin true light after dark
Brothers are live, but still unborn
It's almost morn and it's time to mourn
See the light like a crack of dawn
The comatosed and the cracked are re-born
Reurgitatin the garbage we're fed
Cause this time dawn is dawn of the dead

Ain't that funky?
(Yeah, that's funky)
Ain't that funky?
(Yeah, that's funky)
Ain't that funky?
(Yeah, that's funky)

Rise and shine

Ain't that funky?
(Yeah, that's funky)
Ain't that funky?
(Yeah, that's funky)
Ain't that funky?
(Yeah, that's funky)

Get up

[ VERSE 2: Kool Moe Dee ]
I rise and shine like the sun on the one
We dance together, we overcome
A wake-up call to wake up all
Stand up tall, get up and get up, y'all
Clap your hands in jubilation, meditation
Recreation, procreation of the mind
If you seek, we'll find
Born two times, but still one of a kind
Learn your past, find your path
The truth is infinite, like math
Countdown to the year 2000
The thought alone is arousin
When we see our way with the third eye
Rise with the sun and think with a bird's eye
View, as I watch our Exodus
When the higher conscious connect it's just

[ variations of CHORUS ]

[ VERSE 3: Kool Moe Dee ]
The microphone is my funky scepter
When I speak on beat I'm tryin to connect us
To what's left us messed up
Egos dressed up, got us effed up
You see onto instead of into
You see what you want to, instead of what you been through
You can take the rhyme I say
Read it, hand it, see em three ways
Combine the rhyme to anyone of nine
For some still the light won't shine
You can take a shot in the dark, but keep missin
You aim with one eye, you just don't listen
Cause see, in the dark you need all three
Your eyes are ears when you hear what you see
The five senses are all correlated
The sixth and seventh is how you elevate it

[ variations of CHORUS ]

[ VERSE 4: KRS-One ]
This a KRS with a different something
What, come in a dance and we come down for sing
This a KRS me say - come!
Nuff slaveships come from Africa
Full of Africans, sold in America
Now you want me to call myself American
Even though America kill di African
Check it, white man is European
And blackman is African
White man never say Euro-American
So why should the blackman say Afro-American?
If the blackman is American with a afro
Then the white man is American with a long nose
It should be Long-Nose-American for the white man
Jump around and move your bottom

[ variations of CHORUS ]

[ VERSE 5: Chuck D ]
Make no mistake, we don't shake or stutter
So heed the word of the brothers
Who makes a boy into a man
It's the job of another man
Who knows his role as a father
He bothers to give his son his soul
And pass it on, to never front
Cause papa don't raise no punks
Got to make it know and to pass it down
Yeah, sounds like a job for the brotherman now
Got to help a mother for me
Each one teach one, if you can't find one
Talk to the little ones
And you'll see they'll listen
To few while missin
Peace, to rise and shine


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