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Black August (Dark) Lyrics

Artist: Killah Priest
Album: Black August

[Intro : Killah Priest]
Yeah, Black August, Priesthood
Wanna know how I got here?
How it all came to be?
My beginning?, yo

[Killah Priest]
A dark December eve my mother conceive a species
Some sorta rare breed believed to be of gods seed
With royal blood flowing thru her jeans
Answer would come to her in her dreams
The child you bare is a king
He's the heir
Magnificent chair
Also shall wear the rings
Till I give em a pair of wings
In January she fought off bats
The fbi firing gats even lying (lion) attaks
Running from wolf packs thru the woods black
Never look back
A serpent bit her on the leg
But she took that
From February till june four months of gloom
2 more months before their doom
They try to consume a child inside my mothers womb
She withstand the hurricanes and twisters reading scriptures
Earthquakes till my birth date I was given
Even slay the first born children
It was bone chillen
July 30th came
But that wasn't me it was my nephew
God bless you
He took the first cause you was special
Then it was august
She felt something enormous in her organs

[Chorus 2x : Killah Priest]
My beginning and the ending while the world is spinning
Menage's with strange women the devil grinning
But I gottta keep my head above water
Molded without the martyr black august and I'm the author

[Killah Priest]
They knew the time and the date of my arrival
Doctors and preachers opening bibles
Philosophers stood wondering
The sky thundering
Inhaling old widows wailing
Windows open
Wind blowing curtains across my head forming a turban
Do not disturb him a stranger said
Standing at the side of my bed placed a crown upon my head
My eyes were black pearls staring at the map of the world
Born to conquer the angel then handed me my armor
Killed in my honor revealed to me where I should wander
Until time for take over
Y'all reigns been great but now its over
Now I lounge in castles surrounded by great statues
A pool of jewels old kings swimming thru women and rings
A joyous time so sing

[Chorus 2x]

[Killah Priest]
I was born 40 nights its stormed hell spawned
I latched onto my mothers arms
Writing my name my pen became somewhat of a chain
A beard grew intuition given me a clear view
My hair turning white
Perm like snoop dogs
I seen black boots in the fog
Skeletons and army fatigues
Dead friends warn me thru dreams like Ebonezier Scrooge
I shall lead the schools show them secrets of the ancient masters
Studies language chapters pages after
Black August

[Chorus 2x]


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