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Cocky Lyrics

Artist: Kid Rock
Album: Cocky

Guess who's back? (ooooo...nanana)owwww!)

I used to be broke, confused, no joke, got used, smoked dope. Payed dues, refuse to give up quick, now there's 10 million motherfuckers on my dick. So what, say how, say who, fuck what, fuck me, fuck you. Come clean, you know I will, drink a fifth a Jim Beam and still stand still... I'm the illist fool, cooler than the water in a swiming pool. Fly like a seagull, kick it like a mule. More jams than a Beatle from Liverpool. I'm a liver, fool (now who the fuck are you?) I'm Kid motherfucking Rock from the old school. Got more money.. than Matchbox 20, get more ass than Marc McGrass....

They say I'm cocky, and I say "what?!" it ain't braggin' motherfucker if ya back it up!!! They say I'm cocky and I say "what?!" it ain't braggin motherfucker if ya back it up!!!

I'm from the outskirts of Detroit, 'rock city' Eight shirts, cadalacs, big titties. Skinny models, you can keep those, I like big-corn-fed-midwestern ho's... Don't cha know, talk fast.. pimp slow. Show up to black ties, in tee-shirts and slippers. Sippin liquer, fuck models. Love strippers. Known as the big tipper, with the big dipper, I got queens own keys to my zipper. Fuck a real good girl, I got the baddest bitch in the world...


You think you got it good, in Hollywood? I got acres of land laid back it the woods. Hold shares, cool like Fonzey, rollin Lake St. Claire in my 40 ft. Donzie. You got a Bentley? WOW. I got jets with wet bars, and trucks with gold plows. Bitch, pow, and I've been through for the Kid, the Rock, the red, the white and blue. Who knew the Kid would be... everything from old George Jones to Jay-Z? Baby, I'm sick-a-getin' ripped off, so pissed, bout to be pissed off. Mackin' me cause you know I'm paid. That's why I'm slappin my gardener, and fuckin' my maid. Never mind my age, but if we're takin' numbers, 15 million sold, motherfucker...

Chorous*+ Cocky, and I say "what?!" it ain't braggin motherfucker if ya back it up. They say I'm cocky, and I say "what?!" it ain't braggin motherfucker if ya back it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by Sarahhh... on 1/3/2009 5:30pm
I lovvee that song because people say I'm cocky but at least I can back what I say up.
by Tamass! on 1/14/2009 1:37pm
dude, i completly know what ur saying- im confident- thats when you back it up
by kris on 1/14/2009 4:11pm
this song is a awsome song i hav it on my mp3 player and i say the same aint braggin motherfucker if u bak it up

Kid Rock Lyrics
Kid Rock Cocky Lyrics

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