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Where Iz God? Lyrics

Artist: KGP
Album: Hellusination

(Fuck Ass Preaching Faggot)
Welcome to the world of Jesus Christ
The church where we all hold mass
The place where we all give forgiveness from god
Please come up, Donate me your funds
Come pay the price to me so I can bless you
Jesus Christ sacrificed and died for us
Let’s all Pray

(Verse 1)
I don’t give a fuck about no god looking down on me
I’m screaming out some blasphemy The holy shit, Catastrophe
Brain cells dead in my head now, Tell me am I dead now
Will I go to heaven or to hell now
I don’t give a fuck about religion or psycho’s decisions
They make incisions on my wrist and I dead
I’m having visions of a homicidal suicidellistic
The mystic styles of the wicked wild real sadistic
Hellusinations I’m facing I’m contemplating my creation
Into the psycho sick nation’s of mutilation I’m wasted
I hear my dead mamma keep calling and the angles keep falling
I hear the screams that your showing and all my brothers are balling
I got this unholy world in my hands, god damn
Barcodes in my hand burn this fucking land
Bow down to the ungod unlike pain and strife
Fuck your life

(Fuck Ass Preaching Faggot)
That’s right
You will all go to hell some day
If you do not pray to the lord
The lord who’s given us eternal life on this lovely planet
This planet in witch we live
Some call it hell and I call it heaven
The only thing missing is god
Pray to god and we shall all see him some day

(Verse 2)
On judgement day the whole world will be set a flame
Game you want to play with his name
we shove a clip out the way
With death he’ll always come to play
Blood stain membrane acid rain through your window pane
Hellusination your witnessing with the sweat dripping off ??
And god yes he’s back and making all of you repent your sins
There ain’t no heaven and fuck there ain’t no hell
It’s the paddles of death and that’s where your soul shall dwell
This is frustration creation desolution Desperation
Imitation starvation domination decapitation medication
Can’t stop this fucked up occupation
It’s not but hell, Witness Hellusination
I’m looking up in the sky, I’m mystified
To the lord I testify to my prays there’s no reply why?
The world is wickedness, The world is death
He’s never going to be around if there ain’t nothing left

(Fuck Ass Preaching Faggot)
Remember your ties
Remember give all that you can
So I can bless you
Come dip your hands within the holy water
And make yourself holy
That’s right, Jesus Christ and god has blest this water
Pour some down, Drink it like it’s wine
For the blood of Christ

(Verse 3)
Wicked ass witch from the sticks, triple six
Tattooed on my tits, No shit suck this
My mind has been persuaded to the wicked side
I believe in homicidal genocidal suicide
Fuck your church I only pray to the ungod
I would rather kill a mother fucker till I’m burning hot
Melting fire looking for some ecstasy
I dribble like ??? I’ll be yelling blasphemy
Breaking all the laws of the bible and the 10 commandments
Fuck your neighbour and tell someone ???
I don’t give a fuck about no nuns
And I’m picking me up guns
So I can blast the bloody son that’s giving no love
Cause every time I look in the mirror I can see your reflection
I like to spit on your grave and give your mum a C section
Collect and cut her fucking body up for giving you life
Jesus Christ, Your damn right

(Fuck Ass Preaching Faggot)
Believe in god for he will protect you from evil and sin
The sins of every day humanity
Come forward with me and confess to god
And it’s right he will give you life
And saves you from death and the devil bellow
Yes young man, Are you here to pray to god.....



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