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Dead Messiah (featuring Bad Mind) Lyrics

Artist: KGP
Album: Tha Ungod

He's Your Messiah
The Dead Messiah

(Verse 1: KGP)
God hates me
No heaven, try to break me
Thoughts of religion in the end to face me
Faith in your god isn't justified
Better off crucified
Burning up on this devil's night
And from the wickedness
Six burning candle sticks
One represents the sun 5 burning testaments
I live my life among this planet
Took your god for granted
Tried to live by the ten commandments
Broke them all for sure god damnit
amen another sin my sacrilegious stole my vision
Body of Christ, blood of Christ
Evil lies, unholy sessions
See myself inside a circle of hate
Anti-god, suicide, anti-life, anti everything that god gave
Listen to your fears of your faith
Do you believe in heaven?
Do you believe in the word of god from your holy reverend?
Nothing but lies, I despise, religion in your head
Burn a holy bible, the rival is the messiah dead

Hook X3
He's my messiah
He's your messiah
He's our messiah
The dead messiah

(Verse 2: Bad Mind)
All those under the mind control
Of a god in your soul
Look deeper and you’ll find yourself hollow
In a shallow grave your body will rot while the maggots enslave
Your shell, you won’t see no heaven and right now your living hell
From this bible I read line by line witnessing lie after lie
The testament written for all mankind
Should be re-written in a single sentence
We live to die now witness my repentance against the light
My view is blind I can’t see the gates, I can’t see no Christ
Up in my life today just nothing but blood shed
Mass murder of the church, Burning up the chapel
Countless numbers riding in the hearse curse the day
Religion was brought into my time
Forced in from birth, Forced to live this fucking lie
Gaze into the sky and damn his name, set this book to flames
Pull the trigger with a gun to your head
While these voices say....

(Hook X3)
He's my messiah
He's your messiah
He's our messiah
The dead messiah

(Verse 3: KGP)
Sacrilegious anti god, Burn the bibles on the cross
Tell me what is left in life kill the preacher and his wife
Fuck my brain cells my soul was sent to hell
Hanging on some rusty nails, Crucified, The church bells,
ringing in my ear Try to listen to my deepest fear
Will I go to heaven when I die, Never pray to god
Ever been a christen, switched my religion
Satanic messages implanted my incisions
Tried to form a cult of the anti son of god
Church of Satan waiting for my mental locks
Kill gods people for the cause of the ungod
Looked in the centre of the abyss burning lava rocks
Rock the dead feel the force of the ghost head
Feel the 45 calibre let the church burn
Pentagrams and Ouija boards voodoo on holy lawns
God is dead it’s the end of our holy war

He's my messiah
He's your messiah
He's our messiah
The dead messiah
(Repeat till end)


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