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For You Lyrics

Artist: Kenny Lattimore
Album: Kenny Lattimore

For you
I'd give a life time of stability
Anything you want of me
Nothing is impossible
For you
There are no words or ways to show my love
Or all the thoughts I'm thinking of
'Cause this life is no good alone
Since we've become one
I made a change
Everything I do now makes sense
All roads end
All I do is for you

For you
I share the cup of love that overflows
And anyone who knows us knows
I would change all thoughts I have
For you
There is no low or high or in between
Of my heart that you haven't seen
'Cause I share all I have and am
Nothing I've said is hard to understand
All I feel I feel deeper still
And always will
All this love is for you

Every note that I play
Every word I might say
Every melody feel
Are only for you and your appeal???
Every page that I write
Every day of my life
Would not be filled without the things
That my love for you now brings

For you
I make a promise of fidelity
Now and for eternity
No one could replace this love
For you
I take your hand and heart and everything
And add to them a wedding ring
'Cause this life is no good alone
Since we've become one
You're all I know
If this feeling should leave I'd die
And here's why
All I am is for you
Everything I do now makes sense
All roads end
All I do is for you
Only for you


by ronnie on 6/2/2008 3:40pm
love this song.... its definitely my song for my baby abie....
by yatesha on 6/5/2008 7:52am
this song is mi number since the first time i read over the lyrics i could related in word. this song will be the hit at mi future wedding
by jessica on 6/26/2008 4:20pm
ive often thought of why i fell in love with the man the i still love tell this day and this song hits every point
by erika manalo on 7/22/2008 1:31pm
im extremely fond of music! but among the rest, this song is my super fave, as in tears fell down everytime i heard this. still waiting for that romeo to sing this song for me someday...while walking down the aisle!
by ¢¾prettycarisse¢¾ on 8/16/2008 7:50am
i love it .. really .. it's pretty good .. awesome ..
by Mpho on 8/20/2008 3:31am
This song is the best. I love it love it love it.....
by tah20ceiy on 9/12/2008 3:52am
it's our song...
by jomai on 9/13/2008 8:56pm
love this song sooo much...
by Naomi on 9/21/2008 8:20pm
I love this song.and I would love it to play on my wedding..Its a beautiful song.
by living4change on 9/25/2008 3:33pm
I feel in love with this song in 1996 when it first came out..I knew that when I got married it would be my wedding song..
by niñA on 9/27/2008 7:16am
my mimieL dedicate dis sOng to me.,hMMmmp i lOve it.,
by tanot on 10/8/2008 6:29am
dis song is fo
by dutches on 10/13/2008 5:25pm
by ehryz on 10/21/2008 1:45am
*dedicated this song for my sweet, kind and ooh soo looving husband:) love this song soo much.
by jenney on 10/27/2008 5:17pm
i love this song :) i hope someday somebody will dedicate this song to me hehehehh
by Lesley on 11/1/2008 8:24am
thid is for my mahal you so much..muah
by Sheng on 11/7/2008 4:46am
Nice song... ao nice! I remember him...
by sexieb91 on 11/16/2008 9:13am
by anthony on 11/23/2008 6:25pm
i dedicate this song to all lady's that changes their man's life for the good and takes him to place and high only you can take him too...i'm 21 loved this song since it first came out...I WILL BE SINGING THIS AT MY WEDDING FOR THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE!!
by mamon_hopia on 11/23/2008 7:14pm
this is for my soulm8! :)
by alexis cute on 11/25/2008 9:42am
wow its good!!!! i dedicate this song for my future wife!!!! i will rent madrigal choir to sing this song to my wedding!!!
by jhayestephen on 12/3/2008 10:38pm
i really love this song... this song is for my bhaby hazel.... iloveyou baby
by dhaz on 12/5/2008 8:34pm
oh my god, the first time I hear
by birdie_lyn on 12/27/2008 1:24pm
I love this song so much.I maybe young but this song explanes everything i go throug with love.
by setty=) on 1/9/2009 8:23am
this song is very inspiring,,
perfect song to be dedicated to the woman that you love,,
the lyrics really touch the hearts of the listeners..
this song makes me feel that i am worthy to be treated like a princess by him..
by His Lady on 2/16/2009 9:31pm
I have been planning to sing this song to my husband when we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in 2010.
by donna21 on 7/11/2009 12:54pm
i love this song so much... and i love you kenny lattimore... will you marry me??? please???? i hope you'll get this message. You are my PC's wallpaper. I'm inlve with your song. I dream of someone who will sing this song for me.
by Perbhel on 12/28/2009 2:34am
I really love this song very inspiring..dis will be my wedding song on June 28, planning to sing this song to my future wife on our wedding day.

Kenny Lattimore Lyrics
Kenny Lattimore Kenny Lattimore Lyrics

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