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People Of The South Wind Lyrics

Artist: Kansas

People of the South Wind

There are some who can still remember
All the things that we used to do.
But the days of our youth were numbered
And the ones who survive it are few.
Oh, I can still see the smiling faces
When the times were so good
All in the old familiar places
I'd go back ifI could ( to the)

People of the South Wind. People of
the Southern Wind.
It's the People of the Wind, I got to be there again.

Well, it's a hard thing to face the music.
But it's something everybody has got to do.
So I hope that I can always remember
All the crazy times we had to go through.
Now it's a dream that is slowly fading.
And I don't want it to go.
All of the memories are evading
And I want you to know (it's the)

People of the South Wind. People of
the Southern Wind.
It's the People of the Wind, I got to be there again.

Now we've traveled across the oceans
And we've seen what there is to see.
But I guess it's not the proper solution
Cause it's all about the same to me.
Now I look back and it makes me wonder
Why we just couldn't see
All of the battles we fought and won there
And wish that I could be with the

People of the Wind
I want to see'em again
It's where we used to be free
And that's the place for me.
It's just a state of mind
A thing that's so hard to find
With the People of the Wind.


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by rodolfo leiva on 9/21/2011 9:25am
well, itīs a special song for me!Since 1985 I lived in Punta Arenas, really itīs a southern place in the world...and a windy city...i hope, some day listen this song in a concert...

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