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Boy from the Country Lyrics

Artist: John Denver
Album: Some Days Are Diamonds

This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the An Evening With John Denver album as a live track, and has also been released on the Some Days Are Diamonds album as a studio version.

Because he called the forest brother
Because he called the earth his mother
They drove him out into the rain
Some people even said the boy from the country was insane

Because he spoke with fish in the creek
He tried to tell us that the animals could speak
Who knows, perhaps they do
How do you know they dont
Just because theyve never spoken to you

Boy from the country, he left his home when he was young
Boy from the country, he loves the sun

He tried to tell us that we should love the land
We turned our heads and laughed
And we did not understand
Sometimes I think that the boy from the country
Is the only one who sees
Because the boy from the country
Doesnt want to see the forest for the trees

Boy from the country, he left his home when he was young
Boy from the country, he loves the sun

Words and music by Michael Murphy


by Richard Carter on 7/13/2008 8:41am
If the truth be known, this beautiful song was co-written by Boomer Castleman, Michael Martin Murphey's friend and band-mate. The two once fronted the Lewis and Clarke Expedition.
by Flávio Farias on 7/15/2009 2:28am
Recorded by Michael Martin Murphey on his 2009 album "Buckaroo Blue Grass".
by To Sammy on 12/9/2009 4:42am
My little Girl was born to this song!!
may you watch over her john 4-eva
by EAGLE-WOLF on 2/11/2010 12:12pm
Yes, this song was written by Michael Martin Murphey and Boomer Castleman way back in 1969. But it was John Denver who gave it life by singing it on his "An Evening With John Denver" live album in 1975. John took a keen interest in Murphey's music, and even sang as a back-up singer on several of Murphey's early songs to help jump-start his singing career.
by saltTdawg on 8/7/2012 6:37pm
What a beautiful song.

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