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Your Love Lyrics

Artist: Jim Brickman
Album: Destiny

it's not the flowers, wrapped in fancy paper
it's not the ring, i wear around my finger
There's nothing in all the world i need
when i have you here beside me,
here beside me

so you could give me wings to fly
and catch me if i fall
or pull the stars down from the sky
so i could wish on them all
but i couldnt as for more
cuz your love is the greatest gift of all

in your arms, i found a strength inside me
and in your eyes there's a light to guide me
i would be lost with out you
and all that my heart could ever want
has come true

so you could give me wings to fly
and catch me if i fall
or pull the stars down from the sky
so i could wish on them all
but i couldnt as for more
cuz your love is the greatest gift of all

you could offer me the sun, the moon
and i would still believe
you gave me everything
when you gave your heart to me

so you could give me wings to fly
and catch me if i fall
or pull the stars down from the sky
so i could wish on them all
but i couldnt as for more
cuz your love is the greatest gift of all


by Prince_Felmar on 5/17/2008 8:08am
I like this song b-coz they have related in our lovelife
by carl_jusTin_'leynO" on 6/4/2008 6:18am
this song was veRy inspiriNg..anD i am dedicaTing tHIs song to A veRY special giRL of Mine...
by lyra_joana on 6/9/2008 12:33am
thank you for making this song...
i love it!!!
by jocelyn salas on 6/24/2008 1:35pm
i love dis of my fav.
honey,i miss you..pls come back..i really miss u,..
by jeanny on 7/2/2008 4:31am
wow i love his song i remember my dog!!!!!
by jona mycah on 7/5/2008 2:00am
the song is really nice it is one of my fav..and i dedicate this song to my only love..i love you baby..
thank you to the writer of this really inspire me..
by Bhebe on 7/5/2008 10:00am
i really love this song too...its touches heart to those people who going to marry...and a ryt song for a couple..
by tHiCkbOi: on 7/11/2008 2:23am
i love dis song. cO'z i loe.aha.
by Angel on 7/11/2008 9:35pm
I really love this, its the first song i sing to him. So memorable and precious moments we shared bcoz of this song... I'd like to say thanx for making this song...
by KYLLE BETCHAIDA CUTE on 7/28/2008 2:39am
by edrian on 9/20/2008 2:11am
ang gnda ng song nto ito gusto kong kanta pag kinasal aq girlfriend ko!! love u mahal ko
by kliss on 10/16/2008 11:41pm
graveh i super like that song..,ganda ganda kxeh it always reminded me how wonderful to love..,
by nikki on 11/7/2008 10:25pm
i love dis song b-coz nakaka in love
by jane on 11/14/2008 7:59pm
guz2 ku ang kanta na 2,kci,,nkaka inspire,bgay sa mga knakasal
by renren lee on 11/26/2008 3:50am
for my lip2
by Isabel on 12/13/2008 9:05am
I really like this song because the lyrics are so poetic.
by singer8_abhe on 1/2/2009 7:07pm
i like this song
i will sing it during our music class
for a high grade thank you so much
by Odethe on 1/12/2009 7:00pm
I really love this song and i dedicated to my greatest man i meet in the world., he is Ahmed from Egypt... this man touch my heart not only him also Allah our God....

I miss you Ahmed...
by thea on 1/30/2009 2:37am cia pkingan grabe....
by Ramskie on 2/21/2009 6:21am
I love this Song! i hope na maka2kita na aq ng girl n pra tlaga sa akin...
by Ruskin Jamm on 3/3/2009 4:42am
thnx for the song....i love it...nakaka in love...
by kating on 3/6/2009 9:57pm
i very much like this song..
so inspiring..
i remember my love ones
by akehzia on 4/23/2009 1:52am
sobrang ganda talaga
by joanna warflict on 7/21/2009 9:29pm
it's really very nice. i love the mellow of the music1 i love all jim brickman's songs!
by anna on 7/25/2009 5:48pm
i like this song sobra,,,bcoz naaalala q kc baby q kapag nririnig q yn...dis is 4 u baby.
by Lharz on 8/5/2009 9:29am

:i relly love this song sobra,
well, all songs composed by jim brickman are all inspiring.."
love it..
by nesh on 8/25/2009 1:19pm
i like the songs even though i dont a man to ddcate it...
by julz on 8/27/2009 10:42pm
i really really love this songs b`coz this song is the favorite of my love one's...luv u bhe...
ddcated to franz..mizz u bhe..mwuahhh
by ALVIE on 9/1/2009 1:33am
i like this song very much
by ABY_34 on 10/8/2009 2:48am
by jerzie on 10/12/2009 4:36am
kakainlove na song...
i really like it sobra...
by Kariese_20 on 11/21/2009 4:58am
HaAAaizt nkakainluv GraBeh
by wellaine_18 on 12/11/2009 1:36am
love ko tlaga ang song na to sobra. iwant this song to become my wedding song!!!
by jess on 1/26/2010 7:53am
ganda ng song nato.gustong2x kong kantahin to sa videoke kaso wala bakit ganun.many times ko na tong tntry to look on videoke in many different places.kaso ala tlaga!pls..give me reason!!!!!
by cheng on 2/4/2010 6:09am
inspiring song para sa lahat ng nagmamahal..related din sa lovelife qoh.. :]

- mHine17
by bhe,")...Q..! on 2/16/2010 7:43am
i want this song bcz nkakainlove and romantic
by cupcake on 2/25/2010 9:36pm
i love this song!!!becoz also its related to my lovelife
by yeng on 5/28/2010 4:41am
favorite koh to!
by mercy lokeberg on 5/30/2010 6:13am
thi is such a wonderful song... I will used this song to my wedding video thanks Jim you did a great job.. I love all your songs..its great..
by erickson on 8/1/2010 5:04am
ang ganda tlaga ng kantang 2,sobra,nkakainspire.
by Catleen Glo on 8/2/2010 5:30am
by mj on 8/19/2010 1:33am
thanks for a meaningful lyrics.......
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Baby Angel on 8/19/2010 1:48pm
Great one Jim,such a wonderful song ever.Well done!
by rose on 9/29/2010 6:27am
i like song it makes me feel in love again.....
by kim on 10/2/2010 12:38am
i love this song so much... para kcng nasa langit ako pagnarinig ko tong kantang to..
by jessica krog on 10/7/2010 11:21pm
nakaka inluv talaga itong song na ito i realy realy, luv it,,
by <3 qu! on 10/15/2010 2:01am
grabe, i love this song. i'm planning to sing this song on our meeting de avanse.
by SanTiLLeSeS... on 10/19/2010 12:44am
nCe nMn pOu.. !
by jayson.^_^ on 11/12/2010 3:08am
ang ganda talaga nang song..
de2cate ng Gf ko sa akin..!
sarap pakinggan.!
..,xmpre ginawa n namin team song..!
.., i love you momy quh..!
.,nice song..! Good compuser.!,
by luckyclar12 on 11/29/2010 1:09am
i fOunD THe mEaNinG oF LOvE wIth THiS sOng..:)
by jelyn on 12/9/2010 4:21am
ang sarap pakinggan yung kanta na ito; para sa akin ito yung fevorite song....
by jennifer on 12/23/2010 11:59pm
i love yhis song.ang sarap pakinggan ng kantang to........whooooooooooooo
by emz on 12/24/2010 1:52am
ganda ng song grave... i luv it!
by trust_sheelen08 on 1/2/2011 9:25pm
love da song coz 8 relates in me
by picachu on 1/19/2011 6:57pm
over song na toh... love nga naman yung greatest gift
by chryss on 1/23/2011 9:16pm
i love this song coz it makes me remind of papa u papa bear
by nieves villareal on 1/24/2011 5:43pm
ganda ng song..very inspiring..
by kaechussszzzzaaannn on 1/26/2011 12:50am
gwapo daw ako..........kaya call me at 09164447892
comments? suggestions? violent reactions? angal ka?????
by cris ann rectin on 1/29/2011 5:55am
i love this song..IT so nice to hear..very meaningful..everytime i hear it,I ALWAYS REMEMBER MY FRIENDS,my cousins and of course my family who are always there to support and make me happy especialy when there are times that i need their comfort..;SO I COULD SAY THAT THEY ARE ''THE GIFT FOR ME''AND I AM SO LUCKY TO HAVE THEM..I LOVE THEM SO MUCH,,UNTIL THE REST OF MY LIFE,,.......
by giecele on 2/24/2011 10:51pm
,i love this song,.. i like it so much,... nka2inlove tlga,.
by lhanz_09 on 3/1/2011 11:43pm
this song s 4 my love i love u & i miss u so much
by jennifer on 3/8/2011 12:44am
i love this song sobra!haha.nka2 relate aku..hehe:-)
by daNzki3 on 3/21/2011 9:16pm
this iS oUr lOve soNg..kinanta sakin nG mahaL ko...:) <3 ireally luB this soNg..:)
by gail on 4/13/2011 3:10pm
this is a nice song and inspiring the people who can hear this song.. .
by tin on 4/18/2011 2:39am
dedicated this song for my hon ilove him a lot :))
by Mark Christian Laceda on 4/21/2011 7:19pm
i like this song coz i like it. .
by Shiela Sambalod on 4/25/2011 7:00pm
I l0ve dis song so much.....coz dis song, is d song ive always sing pag nasa vediokehan ako hehehe........
by julie mae on 5/8/2011 2:57am
..i like dis song coz nkaka relate aq..
by james michael on 5/14/2011 12:57am
it is very beutiful song i made it my theme song
by halite on 5/14/2011 9:05pm
very inspiring.. this would be our themesong.... super ganda
by rozy on 5/20/2011 9:58am
love dis song so much
by yste.. on 5/26/2011 1:36am
i really love ds song!! <3 <3
by agnar on 6/19/2011 10:40pm
i heART thiS sOnG ... prOmisE!
by wyndel silawan on 6/29/2011 4:30pm
Hubby and I love this fits us. Thanks for making this. I love you, my Rindley. Thanks for giving your all to me...and for ever being there.
by Mafe sabanal on 7/20/2011 3:41am
S0obrang ganda ng s0ng., fav0rite q mga s0ngs ni jim brikman
by rendalyn d.l on 7/30/2011 12:23am
dis is my . . .
naca2relate. . . ,.overrrrrrrrrrr. . ,.. . at nice ung mesej nya. . ?
by RENDALYN D,L, on 7/30/2011 12:39am
by khariez_09 on 8/17/2011 3:48am
ang ganda ng xong nkakarelate aq...i lov it so much
by kimy29>bhebx< on 8/18/2011 6:08am
i realy love the song!

by mhad'Z'15_dhad!!!!!!! on 9/30/2011 12:31am
i realy l0ve this s0ng!
nkakarel8 ak0h...

by mhad'Z'15_dhad!!!!!!! on 10/3/2011 12:27am
i d'dc8d dEz s0ng 2 may 'mAhAl'
by lerzkie on 1/2/2012 1:47am
charrrs...mao jud ni ako gs2 na knta inig paxo xaaq kasal
by it'sme.carlab on 1/10/2012 1:06am
this song really inspires me a lot. it sucks until it gets into my heart. i will makes this as my theme song if i'm getting married. jejejeje
by carmenbangos@15 on 1/12/2012 11:54pm
i love this song. It inspires me to trust this someone. It said there "you could offer me the sun, the moon and i would still believe, you gave me everything, when you gave your heart to me" When i read this, i cried and cried until my eyes got read. it really inspires me. lovers should make this as their theme song.
by Marc Ricardo Manginsay on 1/13/2012 12:05am
I'm so loving it. Very muchies

i love y.beb
by momaii on 1/18/2012 7:03pm
soooo, inspiring ^^
by kent on 2/6/2012 9:31pm
nakaka inspired?
i really love this song
its for ms. AINA GUPIT
by Daryl Ann C. Orge on 3/31/2012 1:49am
I Really Love this song.............
It Inspired me,,, a lot
by emz on 4/24/2012 2:41am
. . .i love this song xoooooo much,,ddc8 quh rn 2 za mhal qchoe..,,,hon i love u xo much sna tau na tlg 4 ever and sna pg knsal nat tau e2 ung song nah ang ipp2g2g ntin.....
by cdjbaby on 4/30/2012 11:40am
i love you baby..
this is my song
to you.. haha!
well hoping the best is happening
everyday! were apart ir together.!
by ace shanmar on 5/26/2012 12:15am
ang ganda na song ha
by maica budomo on 5/30/2012 2:49am
i really love this song. it makes me cry whenever i hear it. i want this song for my wedding. bhabe i dedicate this song for you! :) iloveyou.
by madz v. on 8/15/2012 11:16pm
when i hear this song naalala kita khit nagkahiwalay na tayo pero i know net life tayo naman,, ilove you r.a
by flotap on 9/21/2012 5:39am
I love this song so much.
by collin agoncillo on 10/5/2012 6:59am
ang ganda talaga ng kantang your love parang naalala mo yung mahal mo sa buhay
by joan on 1/6/2013 7:22am
nakakakilig ang song na ito super..
by Honey Galicia on 1/17/2013 5:34pm
ganda ng song na toh super ^_^ ..inlove na inlove ako pra tlaga sa pag ibig ko :)
by ed camille mapa & maria vicente on 1/19/2013 4:59am
ganda ng song na to.nkkrl8 mga frwnds. q spexaly mga black angelz
by May & Nee on 1/21/2013 1:51pm
I realy Luv this song :)

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