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Never Change Lyrics

Artist: Jay-Z
Album: The Blueprint

I am a, Roc representa/O summer 2 winter/Hov, dead or alive/24-7/ 365, 1 cd and 360 pies/what up to E and Kirk/Welcome home to Taj/let no amount of money ruin this thing of ours/ugh/we run streets like drunks run streetlights/we collidin with life as we speak/ugh/we knee deep in coke/we keep D and ice/we flood streets w/ dope, we keep weed to smoke/we all fish better teach ya folk/give em money to eat the next week hes broke/and when ya sleep,hes reachin 4 ya throat/word on the stkreet, ya reap what you sow/not outta fear but love, love 4 tha game/Roc family first we never change man/
chorus:Never Nver Nver Nver change/Im still fuckin w/ crime cuz crime pays/(I never change)out hustlin same clothes 4 days/(I never change)I never change im too stuck in my ways/Who u know like Hov.repeat 1x

What up 2 my miami and st. thomas connects/ I never mention ya name i promise respect/death before dishonor correct?/yep, thats what u promised me/till the gone w/ we/along with, if we stay strong/we can get paper longer than pippens arms/whooo.plead the 5th when it comes to tha fam/im like a dog i never speak, but i understand/
where my dogs at.where my soldiers at war.where ya balls at whoa. had 2 pause that, whoa/lost 92 bricks had 2 fall back/knocked a nigga off his feet, but i crawled back/ Had A-1 credit got more crack/from the first 2 tha 5th gave it all back/ not a hustla what u call that?/this is before rap/this is all fact/I never change

The streets robbed me, wasnt educated probly/but fuck yall i needed money 4 atari/was so young my big sis still playin w/ barbie/ young brother,big city 8 million stories/old heads taught me, yungun,walk softly, carry a big clip, thatll get niggaz off me/keep coke in coffee, keep money smell em off me/chains is cool 2 cop but more important is lawyer fees/thats how it is now/ugh/thats how it always be/ugh/i never change this is always me/from the womb to the tomb,from now to my doom/drink army from 1 cup pass it around the room/thats the ritual/yep/big Rand i aint forget u fool/and all that bullshit u tryna get thru/ this is crew love, move music or move drugs/ rival crews get ya black suits up/GET READY) I never change.


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