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Me And Bobby Mcgee Lyrics

Artist: Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin
- words and music by Kris Kristofferson
- first popularized by Roger Miller in 1969 (#12 Country hit)
- lyrics as recorded by Janis Joplin on the 1971 album "Pearl"
(Columbia VCK-30322)

Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waitin' for a train
And I's feelin' near as faded as my jeans
Bobby thumbed a diesel down just before it rained
It rode us all the way into New Orleans
I pulled my harpoon out of my dirty red bandana
I's playin' soft while Bobby sang the blues, yeah
Windshield wipers slappin' time, I's holdin' Bobby's hand in mine
We sang every song that driver knew, yeah

Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose
Nothin' don't mean nothin' hon' if it ain't free, no no
And feelin' good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues
You know, feelin' good was good enough for me
Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee

From the Kentucky coal mine to the California sun
There Bobby shared the secrets of my soul
Through all kinds of weather, through everything we done
Yeah, Bobby baby kept me from the cold
One day up near Salinas, Lord, I let him slip away
He's lookin' for that home and I hope he finds it
But I'd trade all o' my tomorrows for one single yesterday
To be holdin' Bobby's body next to mine

Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose
Nothin', that's all that Bobby left me, yeah
But if feelin' good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues
Hey, feelin' good was good enough for me, mm-hmm
Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee

La-da-da La-da-da-da La-da-da da-da da-da
La-da-da da-la-da la-da, Bobby McGee, yeah
La-da-la-da-la-da La-da-la-da-da
La-da-la-da-la-la, Bobby McGee, yeah
La-da-da La-da-da La da-da La da-da
La-da-da La da-da La da-da
Hey, my Bobby, Lord, my Bobby McGee, yeah
Lo-da-lo da-la-lo-da-la
Lo-da-la-lo da-la-lo la-la-lo la-la-lo la-la
Hey, my Bobby, Lord, my Bobby McGee, yeah

Lord, I call him my lover, call him my man
I said I call him my lover, did the best I can, c'mon
Hey now Bobby now, hey now Bobby McGee, yeah
La-da la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da la-la
Hey, hey, hey, Bobby McGee, Lord!

------ instrumental break ------

La-da la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da la
Hey, hey, hey, Bobby McGee, yeah


by Kathy on 6/28/2008 11:14am
I love this song...And, I look similar to Janis friends in high school used to call me Janis. I can also really belt this song out. It is one of my favorites! Kathy
by Jana on 7/16/2008 10:36am
the song is great!I also like how p!nk performs it...
by Delilah on 8/9/2008 5:41pm
this is my favourite Janis song (:
by Rita on 9/15/2008 1:25pm
Love the lyric! Janis was something :,)
by Mern on 11/16/2008 9:21am
I don't look like Janis and I can sing the song too, Kathaaaayy!
by Sf on 12/20/2008 6:02pm
She is AWESOME!!!!!!! and this song.. puffffffff ONE OF MY FAVOUTIES! I CAN TELL!!!!!!!
by gabriela on 12/27/2008 3:26am
hello!!!! I am crazy about this song!!!!! I love janis, she is the best!!!! love you all...and I am naturaly high :-)
by Jenna on 1/21/2009 12:10am
i grew up listening to this from my moms stuff and its always been my favorite song. i love to belt it out even i cant sound like her ;)
by Brenda on 3/5/2009 7:11pm
Pink performed this song and she seemed to alter it to the extent that it ruined it completely and made it an embarrassment. She couldn't even take the time to learn acoustic, it was all a joke. Pink is a horrible artist if you ask me and she needs to find a new hobby, or change her lifestyle and music too!!!
by jo on 5/14/2009 2:56am
yeah, this is an awesome song.
by rona on 8/15/2009 10:31am
white woman's body, black woman's voice. :)
janis was an amazing vocalist, she died far too young.
by judi on 8/26/2009 11:57am
I'm a grandma now, but I remember when I was a young mom and how I loved this song. Heard it a few days ago and it still has power - what a singer - what a loss.
by bad dad on 9/7/2009 9:39pm
best song she ever sang.
by libby on 9/18/2009 10:50pm
My kids love for me to sing them this song when they go to bed. They think I can belt it out like janis.
by lonnie carneal on 3/28/2010 11:12am
Crystal bowersox on american idol makes me think of janice.there's just something about her.i thought of janice the first time i watched crystal perform.crystal tore me and bobby mcgee up.Hell of a job. know she will win. no doubt.
by Quietflip77 on 4/8/2010 9:29am
I thot Crystal Bowersox nailed it, too. Terriffic vocal. And how about Simon Cowell's comment to Bowersox: "I love this song, and always thot Pink's was the best recent version I've heard, but yours was better than Pink's."
I like that Kris K wrote it.
by charles on 4/15/2010 7:20pm
love to share a joint {nothing stronger} w/Janis-she is gravel and nasal with this one
by Sally Koile on 6/30/2010 12:58pm
This is my favorite female singer
of all time. I have always loved
her and her music, especially the
album Pearl.

by Michael on 12/4/2010 8:50pm
Single greatest line in rock and roll history....."I would trade all of my tomorrows for one single yesterday"
by chris on 2/14/2011 3:52pm
I named my son Bobby Magee:)
by Kasie on 4/20/2012 9:02am
I love this song. I know I can't perform it like Janis Joplin, but I love to sing it and I am going to perform it with my boyfriend in December at my AFJROTC Military ball at my high school. "Feelin good was easy when he played the blues. Feelin good was good enough for me. Mhm. Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee." Life wouldn't be the same without this song.
by abbi on 4/20/2012 4:35pm
I have always loved this song! it's really one of the CLASSICS.
by ask me later on 6/6/2012 4:15pm
I'm 68 now... just reread the lyrics... don't really know why, but I started crying... maybe because
all I've got now is the memory of yesterday... okay... that's not true... I've still got Janis to keep me company... that's good enough for me and more than I deserve...
by kaz on 7/3/2012 3:55am
by Bill on 4/29/2013 1:28am
Great singer Janis Joplin!
by no one on 8/21/2014 4:27pm
Check out Gordon Lightfoot's version.
by tui on 5/15/2017 12:40am
I love all of you and the days of us back then with Janice and Company was a gift from all the gods.


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