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Visions Lyrics

Artist: Jagged Edge

Album : Hard
Song : Visions

Interpreted by - allnight_allday

do do do (to melody)


I finally figured out
why I'm always on guard
when you're around
I'm feeling so uncertain bout
if you really want me or what I've got
I really hope it's not
but I wonder why
I find taking you out somewhere nice
You ain't even tryna come on by
and just say hi
we can stay in the house for a quiet night, tonight


I'm tryna, tryna, tryna, tryna let you know baby (just let me know girl)
but I can't make it that easy (it ain't gotta be easy)
a girl gotta have little game too (have a game)
you should know it's all about you (all about you)


I'm having visions about this girl like a warning (I'm having visions)
I'm waking up like six in the morning (six in the morning, girl)
feel like it really ain't healthy
will she wanna be with me I need to know ( I just wanna know)


Wake up sweating now
I'm just tryna figure out if
you're the one
I wish you would give me a (?????)
bout what your about
lets have it out
I'm going down
hope you think of me
if you don't then let it be
coz I can't be nobody's charity
it's real love for me
completely and entirely




ooh having visions of this girl (having visions of this girl)
Ooh could this be my warning (somebody ring the alarm)
ooh having visions of this girl (having visions of this girl)
ooh maybe this is my warning (somebody ring the alarm)

CHORUS x6 to fade


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