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Baby Girl Lyrics

Artist: Inner Voices

There are times when i look in your eyes
i see the love that we shared
i see the joy inside
but i didn't see the feelings you hide
and now you're saying goodbye
because your love has died

And all i can think about is you
the way you say you love me too
and everytime i close my eyes i see your face
my love can never be erased
and you can never be

baby girl
why don't you come back to me
why don't you love me anymore
baby girl
you know i still care for you
you know i will love you forevermore...(2x)

There are times
when i kiss you goodnight
I feel the love that we shared
I feel the joy inside
but I didn't feel what you tried to hide
and now you're saying goodbye
because your feeling has died

And all i can think about is you
the way you say you love me too
and everytime i close my eyes i see your face
my love can never be erased
and you can never be

baby girl
why don't you come back to me
why don't you love me anymore
baby girl
you know i still care for you
you know i will love you forevermore...(2x)

And all i can think about is you
the way you say you love me too
and everytime i close my eyes i see your face
my love can never be erased
and you can never be


by trisha on 5/13/2008 6:55pm
i love this song it brings me so much memeories
by dianne on 5/17/2008 11:29am
i really loved this song..
by Rj Urbz on 5/21/2008 2:04pm
Friggin love this song, makes me constantly remember my EX(Fatima). Wahahahaha
by enchong1786 on 6/16/2008 8:50am
love this song.. Naaalala ko yung 16y/o gf ko.ahihi..miz ko na un panget na yon. Gagu xa,minahal ko ng sobra sinaktan lang ako.
by poGingpogi on 6/21/2008 4:55am
woOh! i really loved dis song, :>
by rokzkee on 6/27/2008 6:43am
ampf i love this song :p
by bunchCARMZ on 7/7/2008 7:10am
i love this song... it's for u bunch...hahahhaahha
by leEanne on 7/22/2008 10:17pm
i love this song.. ever since my baby sung it for me...
by jed on 8/2/2008 1:07pm
naaalala ko baby ko........

miz ko na sya........
by makick on 9/5/2008 4:41am
swak na swak ang message ng lyrics... this song is really cool...
by fck dick on 9/11/2008 8:55pm
damn this song is the best song ever
by rXz on 10/1/2008 7:28pm
w0w i love this help me to remember my GF her name Jenny....w0w.....^^_^^
by Cris on 11/14/2008 1:13am
Shet! :[
by mark26 on 11/23/2008 2:24am
when i heard this song, i was impressed because it carries my emotions... i remember my love ones.. she's far from me that's why i missed her so much.. i hope you'll read it... i love you so much... mwwahhh....
by cha on 12/5/2008 4:36am
my ex texted me and told me to listen to and read the lyrics of this song.. :(
by jAmsEl on 1/3/2009 12:18am
nice mUsic...
by kenosis on 1/14/2009 9:17am
as the same as my feeling and my current condition with my girlfriend.

i can say "it is composed for me". heee
by dave assasin on 2/18/2009 7:06pm
wow lupit ng kantang toh, la akong masabi;;;;;;;;
by jenick022 on 2/24/2009 4:44am
I'm already 37 but i really like this song, verry imotional...
by juvy on 3/30/2009 8:51am
it brings me at sad hurts somuch! sak2 tlga ..
by karla on 5/12/2009 10:42am
love it
by razel on 5/22/2009 5:38am
shocks! who ever wrote dis song?wow! he's totally lovable!
goodness! i love it!
whoEver you are! you are a genius!
by Milky "TRISKELI0N" on 6/26/2009 1:01pm
Thiz s0ng r the m0zt senti int0 the real luv lyf 2 the perz0n wh0 luv it s0 much girl lyk me!...
by jann jeff (minescoi17) on 7/4/2009 12:18am
well, i never regret the love that we had.. but still i just want you to know that my love for you will never be erased and will never be replaced...

love you so much much... so much... your the greatest things that god has given to me and every happy memories we had and sadness will be just kip and intricate here in my heart mines... love you!!!
by jhessagirl13 on 7/27/2009 3:50am
,,super ganda ng song n yan..
,,mhal q ung nagpromote sken nyan..
by april on 7/31/2009 5:58am
nakaka inlove
by harley on 8/2/2009 1:42am
by jhackee on 8/8/2009 1:22am
i really love this song
by PP on 8/30/2009 11:37pm
Hey I love it so mach and I want that song in the midi file.
Can someone help me!!
by prexus on 9/6/2009 1:56am
reminds me of someone
by Mhalditah on 10/29/2009 7:13am
hay..kaiyak ala2 cu 2loy bf cu
..xori na kc!!! dady plz..
by Vulnerable_ghurl on 12/29/2009 2:17am
I luv diz song so much...........,hope dat sumday,der will be sum1 hu gonna sing it 4 me..........,
by izelia on 5/28/2010 3:38pm
i love the song i am so sad
by daniel on 6/29/2010 8:37pm
so romantic song i love it
by rehpOtsirhc on 7/7/2010 8:51pm
aHaizZz.... i mizZ hEr...
by ~emptiEheArt~ on 8/12/2010 3:50pm
,diz ix da xNq dat.,i rea|ly lve., it ix for you.,mr.v! Even thouqh ur heart.,ix taken w/ xum1 else.,i xti| lb u.,and it cant never be eraxed!,
by Baby63jane on 10/7/2010 7:37pm
I love ths song damn u 4eva aifaa izyan 25'
by whyme on 10/22/2010 8:27am
when i heard this song.. I feel empty.?? I have no bf since... Nahh.,never mine.maybe the problem is in 'pihikan' daw.. Pero sa 22o wala naman tlaga akong alam na my gus2 sa kin.haist mga barkada ko tlga oh. Anyway, ang gusto ko lang naman my kumanta sa akin nito >.< ..the right guy in right time and right place.Alright. :) .[ewan ko b bat ko pa nasabi to d2]
by M on 10/25/2010 12:51pm
i love it but now i miss my ex amber
by asher-mark on 10/31/2010 3:30am
,nice song!,nre2call ko un kulitan,asaran,tampuan,suyuan namen dalawa...sobrang mahal ko talaga un,kaxo lah n un feelings nia 4 mi,pero and2 p rn ako still ngi2ntay..."kazura ka! kazura too!"-kazura ka pa rin!
by yuandeasskicker24 on 11/7/2010 1:05am
love it.. it touches my heart every time i play this song..
by alondra on 11/20/2010 1:35pm
omg love it ... its the best song that makes me remember my ex ^_____-
by jayshei^06 on 11/23/2010 4:01pm
i love jhay-R..hahah
by ali on 12/4/2010 5:36am
i love this song
by ginalyn on 12/9/2010 1:06am
i rily rily lub dis song...
by sarah veronica on 1/22/2011 10:13pm
hmp i like this song ..
nakaka inlove kasi ung boses ..
ung kumanta ..
by lara on 2/15/2011 11:23pm
i love this song very much.
by mHey on 2/16/2011 8:01pm
i love this song so much..
it reminds me of my x...
by ... on 3/1/2011 7:12am
..,i really love this song!.,
by Khim khayezer on 3/30/2011 8:52am
the lyrics was so unique.. It has a good and soft meaning that can bring my mem0ry fr0m my past.. it makes me feel better, just to heard this song..tnx for the can help me a lot m0re,. even thou shes so far..
by champoi:) on 4/9/2011 8:32am
super like...
haha actually i'm broken now!!
by rachelle22 on 5/22/2011 12:13am
I reaLly love dz s0ng .. bt kxe mai ngcompose pa n2.haha ..
by katrina pineda on 6/9/2011 10:29am
favorite song ko to
by mx.VIOLET on 6/9/2011 7:37pm
d cu alam na maqiqinq emotional acu sa sonq nato ...
i loVE it ...
by philyahgurl_03 on 7/9/2011 7:27am
i luv diz song tlaga para sa mhalcuh...
by sii bob on 7/12/2011 8:29pm
i luv this song ;D
by judylen on 8/8/2011 3:57am
i luv it so much
by mz.crazy xhandra on 9/19/2011 3:45am dis song..mucho...
by j.r sola on 10/2/2011 6:53pm
..Oh its very touching & inspiring//
by shyboy on 10/7/2011 9:59pm
hmmp ganda no ? nkkaiyak
by edz27 on 10/30/2011 11:40pm
luv this song... i play it evrytime were together b4. now hes gone i rily miss him so much... hope hes happy... i juz want to tell him how much i luv him but i dont think i hav e the chance to talk to him agen... tnks 4 being part of my lyf... bhe mhal n mhal kita
by angeil on 2/9/2012 1:40am
goosh i'm inlove ...!!! duh .?!!
by divya on 2/12/2012 4:40am
love this song..............
i play it when i miss him i.e. everytime...i dont knw why he cheats me just want to say him that i love u n i'll do ill ma last breath n jst want ur hapiness..........
by cathy on 3/5/2012 8:03pm
i lub dis song much..but nw i love my bf so much..i tink if im broken i can sing dis's felz so emotionaly lalu nat ng away k u...sarap kantahin....i wnt to say i lub u so much to my bf...i lub u olways...
by By noimie! on 3/31/2012 2:52pm
I love this song...naalala q tuloy ang mahal qng asawa...huhuh...i miss you so much mhy! you...
by ..neljoy26 on 4/20/2012 6:26pm
..ahmpf, sobrang ganda ng s0ng na to,
by Penny on 4/23/2012 10:07pm
ds song s so nice.. i can relate somehow...
by sweet baby 28 on 7/23/2012 5:57am
I miss you so much lalabz,
i really love this song,it brings back the old memories we've shared,
my first love,.
Ingat ka always,
alangmangalingwan :c
by macoi on 7/24/2012 10:06am
haha...i really love this song...i just broke up with my gf..everytime i play this brings back those happy memories we have before..haha......i miss her so much.
by muamar crisologo on 9/16/2012 4:50am
i luv this song because of my daugther name is baby girl?hehehe
by gavs on 12/1/2012 7:15am
I luv this song,,
by Baby John on 1/9/2013 5:25am
I love this song since i heard this... I love the person who sing this...
by kathyleene. Costanilla on 3/2/2013 1:41am
super like this song.
I dedicate this song to my special someone that i really love,the only one.i love.
by darw zoul sixx on 4/2/2013 3:17pm
add me on facebook ... darw zoul sixx
by nehj on 9/26/2013 12:39am
I love this song
by L on 10/25/2013 4:36pm
imissmyEX....hekhek....peo fave ng bestfriend k0 yan na cii Kam0te(Erika)....hekhek....kakantahin k0 skanya yan
by bhogz on 12/3/2013 5:07am
Wow! Shaira is right this song is awesome..
by janex on 1/15/2014 5:04pm
I love dis song...favorite q to noon pa..hehe
by nyljie on 1/30/2014 3:19am
very nice song...touch me a lot..themesong kc naming you babyboy!!!
by MUSICDID on 2/7/2014 9:51am
by George on 1/21/2015 4:18pm
I love this song too much....
by Alvin cagula on 4/16/2015 4:18pm
I really luv dis.its bring back all my mem0ries...
by Alvin cagula on 4/16/2015 4:21pm
I really luv dis song.its bring back all my mem0ries...and idedicate dis sung 2 my one and only h0ney grace cagula.luv u.,
by simpLymejez on 9/12/2015 8:20pm
I really really love this song! So many memories to remember! And especially the upcoming memories 😊 .... True to life! 🙌

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