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The Night of the 44 Lyrics

Artist: ICP (Insane Clown Posse)
Album: Hell's Pit


It's one of those Nights.
No Not one of those night(cries)
Night of the 44
Come on!
2:30 in the morning and i fully loaded
Fully Fuckin Loaded

(Song Begins)(first verse)

I ran into a gas station and blew sombody head off they neck.I thought it was a dream but i look and see that Im a bloody wreck (Oh My God). I cant run to my momma house I know that she would never understand (she would never understand). I might as well be a man and finish what the fuck I began (fuck it It's on).I walked out and started walkin away like i ain't seen a fuckin thing (like i ain't seen a fuckin thing). I went across the street and walked up to the drive through window at a Burger King (at a Burger King).
I knocked on the glass and the kid leaned out to tell me they were closed (yeah close this) (gunfire). I blew a hole in his face and his boy was like "Damn you got hosed Tommy you got hosed".

I feel ready to die but it's takin so long.
The worlds so wicked the worlds so wrong.
I just keep moving on keep tryin to stay strong.
The worlds so wicked the worlds so wrong.

(shaggy screams) (Shoot theybitch asses thinkin they gonna get shot Man fuck that)

(Verse 2)

I started hopping through Backyards and ran into a seven eleven (Ran into a seven eleven). Jumped up on the counter aimed my shit and blew a hole in his melon (Blew a hole in his melon). I draged his body in the back and did the same to everybody again (did the same to everybody again). Till the walls and the windows got so bloody wasn't nobody comin in (wasn't nobody comin in). Police started surrounding the building and I ain't got no hostages, But i fronted like i did holding up some dead kid, I said "Im' comin out" They said "Don't bother" (Gunshots) They started shootin, the corpse Im' holding up ain't got no head and they aint stupid. I ran into the back and started drinkin drano bottles gettin high as fuck Im' going out in a hail of bullets full throttle. I loaded my shit again but i never had a chance to shoot, sombody blew my head off all i heard was (wooohf)

(Chorus) (Same as above)

(who hasn't went on a pcp binge and shot at a couple cops I mean come one,COME ONE)

(Chorus x2)


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