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Little Round Mirrors Lyrics

Artist: Harvey Danger
Album: Little By Little

All alone
On the floor
Next to your twin-bed box-spring and mattress
The door
Is ajar
From afar
You can hear bands practicing

And When they dream they all
Dream of somebody like you
Somebody who takes what they make
Twice as seriously as they could ever hope to do
And when you dream
You dream of a day...

When you find something you could love half as much
As you love all your little round mirrors
See yourself reflected in one, theres a hole in the middle
You can't seem to fill

Bring them home
Watch them go
All you know is you hope they'll hurry back
And you cry
Then you lie your frail body down
Like a penny on a railroad track
And even if they stay in touch
The past stays in the past
But every time
You crash a little bit harder than the last
And every time you crash don't you

Wanna find something you could love
Half as much as you love all your little round mirrors
See yourself reflected in one
There's a hole in the middle you can't seem to fill

A shooting star is
A little piece of
Cosmic debree desperately wanting to fall to earth
It doesn't get too far
It's not a real star
It's hardly even worth footnotes in your memoir
Shoulder to shoulder
Up on our tip-toes
Chewing our fingers
And craning our necks
Just to see
Quite the collection
Divide by section
It's just a surrogate connection leaving you all alone

On the floor next to your twin-bed box-spring and mattress
The door
Still ajar
There you are and now you're coming to stay until

You can find someone who will love you as much
As you love all your little round mirrors
Murdering your time in cold blood
There's a whole in the middle you can't seem to fill


by susan W on 9/19/2008 12:53pm
this song spoke to me when I heard it on the Californication soundtrack before I even heard the full lyrics. Having just read them I am eerily reminded of my own misgivings...

the song is about arrogance, selfishness, and the paradoxical realization that even the most self absorbed want to find somebody...but until then we'll "murder [our] time" by being alone
by imp on 11/2/2008 11:43pm
not that i want to take away you're personal interpretation/relationship with the song, but i believe it's actually about someone who takes music too seriously. little round mirrors = CD's. there's a hole in the middle you can't seem to fill...
by lulzapalooza on 1/1/2009 12:53pm
Whoa! Good interpretation imp!
by ash on 4/29/2009 1:55pm
i think both interpretations have correctness to them. for me i felt like it sort of had to do with someone who was in love with themselves and wished they could love someone as much as they love themselves, ya know? but that CD idea... never thought about that before, but it really makes lots of sense.
by Nate on 11/2/2009 8:05pm
I think imp is "more right". The idea of little round mirrors as a metaphor for the person loving themselves is not what I got - she loves how the music makes her "look", ie how it makes her see herself. So it's not exactly herself that she's in love with, it's the way the music makes her feel. I also thought the song made it pretty clear that she's the kind of girl (or guy I guess) that bands make music to get with. She sleeps with someone from the band(s) but never gets anything real out of it, and every time is emotionally worse than the last. Basically the song is Penny Lane from Almost Famous.
by Jacob on 1/9/2010 3:25pm
I think this song is about drugs. No matter how many lines you do off a mirror, There still remains that void in the middle you can't seem to fill.
by Vinnie on 3/16/2010 12:11am
It's about somebody who loves music too much and takes it too seriously. They say so when they play the song in concert.
by Jessica on 2/21/2012 2:29am
Anyone who's ever had a coke habit might interpret this song as pertaining to that... Little round mirrors? A hole that you can't seem to fill? That's coke reference if I ever heard one.
by David in Portland on 3/7/2013 7:38am
One of the great things about metaphors...they mean different things to different people. The CD reference blows me away, I myself always thought it was about some self-centered person, but seeing the little round mirrors as CD's...whole 'nother meaning. And the song is great, no matter what we hear. Well done music speaks to us all, enjoy it for what it means to you.

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