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Beautiful Lyrics

Artist: Gordon Lightfoot
Album: Beautiful

At times I just don't know
How you could be anything but beautiful
I think that I was made for you
And you were made for me

And I know that I won't ever change
We've been friends through rain or shine
For such a long, long time

Laughing eyes and smiling face
It seems so lucky just to have the right
Of telling you with all my might
You're beautiful tonight

And I know that you won't ever stray
Cause you've been that way from day to day
For such a long, long time

And when you hold me tight
How could life be anything but beautiful
I think that I was made for you
And you were made for me

And I know that I won't ever change
We've been friends through rain or shine
For such a long, long time

Well, I must say it means so much to me
To be the one who's telling you
I'm telling you, that you're beautiful.


by Joe on 10/4/2008 3:49pm could you not love the lyrics and Gordon!
by em on 12/16/2008 1:01am
my best friend danced to this with her husband as their first dance together as husband and wife... how perfect!
by for Diane on 1/20/2009 1:49am
Yesterday, I learned that one of my best friends from high school passed away. I never had a chance to say goodbye to her. This song reminds me of how beautiful she was.

I am so heart-broken right now I could cry.
by David on 4/16/2009 12:40pm
I use to listen to this music when I was a kid thanks to my babysitter. Let's just say I have a better appreciation for "folk music". Interesting how one's past can influence them. This music is peaceful and beautiful. Hard to find in music now days.
by Denise on 5/16/2009 12:59pm
This song is so easy, so perfect.
It's, quite simply, beautiful:-))
by by Michael 10/21/09 12:59PM on 10/21/2009 12:01am
As one goes through life we are touched by a persons heart. As our lives crossed sharing the greater Beauty of within. KLM you know who you are; you are Beautiful to me. MLK
by Walt on 12/11/2009 8:48am
At our wedding in 1977, my wife walked down the aisle as this song was sung. It may sound redundant, but we think it the most beautiful song ever written.
by Steve on 2/12/2010 5:45am
I must admit....I will sometimes find a tear in my eyes whenever I hear this..Is it because it is so perfect?..Is it that I am reminded that I let someone who was beautiful slip away?..Is it for the melancholy that is just below the surface of such a beautiful melody?..Like that one we all let slip away, sometimes songs can be beautiful
by Steve on 2/13/2010 1:46pm
Simply The Best!
by Johnny on 2/15/2010 3:05pm
I have always thought this song is, as Steve said on his post, perfect. Absolutely perfect...and, of course, absolutely beautiful.
by gigi on 5/29/2010 12:15am
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL, wanted this
sung 28 years ago at my wedding but the singer didn't know it???
How can anyone not know this song!
Reminds me of the good ole days!!!
by Patrick on 6/3/2010 4:07pm
This was our wedding song - I do not know why more people do not have it - The DJ at my wedding had to go find it - before we were married - how could you not have it in your library?
by kco on 7/21/2010 11:17am
Hey Patrick - It was my wedding song 38 year month...
by blessed on 7/26/2010 12:26am
my husband of nearly 38 years read these lyrics to me, as a bit of poetry, during our re-commitment ritual last week. it was wonderful.
by Sherr on 7/29/2010 2:38pm
How precious to be the one for whom this song was written and sung by such a voice as his.
by TLS on 8/20/2010 9:44am
To the person who dedicated this song to m, I Love You and I always will. Thank you for all you are and have been.
by shady on 9/25/2010 7:55am
at seventeen, who cares what you think :O
by Stan on 11/10/2010 4:24pm
30 years ago, I'd sing this to my young wife. Then 10 years ago she ran off with my neighbor. It's such a beautiful song. I'd like to love again and use it again, but I'm afraid it's been tarnished forever in my mind.
by Jeff on 11/27/2010 11:25am
This song takes a simple lyric, wraps it up with heartfelt music written by one deeply impacted by life....and thereby draws anyone who listens into their own emotions....resulting in present awareness of love's power, or a longing for perfect love.

When I hear this song, I am stilled with a realization of what could be in a relationship with a special lady out there...and what already is with a God of Love through Christ.....moves me to tears.

Thank you, Mr. Gordon Lightfoot, for such a gorgeous, heart-rending song!
by Kevin on 2/2/2011 12:43pm
This song just makes me weep like a baby, and I'm 52 years old.
by rebecca on 2/3/2011 9:32am
,,,this is a favorite song of mine, i shall play this song on valentine's day and dance with my "love" ,,,i think it's a perfect song for a bride and groom at their wedding,,,thank you gordon lighfoot, you're "beautiful",,,
by ira on 3/24/2011 3:57am
I have no idea why I cry everytime I listen to this. This should be a devotional romantic mantra to chant, then the whole world'may be beautiful' like Gordon
by brett to suzanne on 3/31/2011 2:59pm
You are the love of my life darling and will always be most "Beautiful" to me!I will always cherish the beautiful gift that our Lord sent to me in you.
by brett on 3/31/2011 6:46pm
This song makes me quite tearful as I imagine my wifes' beautiful and lovely way...all that she is... and I praise the Lord for putting her into my life.
by PatriciaAnne to Richard on 5/7/2011 2:16am
Each time you sang this song to me I listened with wonder about how it made you so happy, so peaceful, so loving. Your eyes sparkled and would shine with all your love. Now I realize that your eyes, your face, your smile were all reflecting my love for you. I miss you; thank you for loving me.
by anne louise on 5/13/2011 10:08pm
this is for Rick --- I feel this with all my heart....xx
by HLS on 5/29/2011 1:42am
TMS, Thank you for making me feel as if you were the song writer, and you wrote this song for me, for us. I am beyond lucky that you feel this way about me. ILY
by NIKKI on 5/30/2011 7:14pm
Great Song! Applicable to any loved-one as I sing this song to both my 2 Kitties and Pug. I hold them and rock them in my recliner as I sing this song and I swear, they know it. It lulls them into a peaceful sleep. Moms should try it or even the play the song version via CD player.
by Gray on 7/14/2011 9:19am
So I'm not the only one who weeps when ever they hear this song? I don't even know why, I just burst into tears.
by Jim on 11/13/2011 7:03pm
A good friend sang this song at my wedding June 2nd, 1979. My beautiful bride passed away on June 5th,2011 this year, right after our 32nd anniversay. I think of how beautiful she was everytime I hear this song.
by Phil for Judy on 12/7/2011 1:16pm
This song reminds me of my friend Judy. We were in the Air Force and worked side-by-side and I still cherish the time we had together and wish I could sing this song to her now.
by Mike on 12/19/2011 9:43pm
My goodness, I feel like I wrote this song for the love of my life. What brilliance, elegant but simple. Gordon found what was in my heart and put it on paper. If you have the chance, hug your mate tonight and thank your lucky stars you still can.
by Jeff on 2/29/2012 8:19am
I am with my wife of almost 30 years now every time I hear this. Nuance within music like this is often lost on my children's generation, but there are songwriters like Jack Johnson and John Mayer who know how to achieve what Lightfoot and his contemporaries were brilliant at.
by Jamie for Clarie on 3/1/2012 3:32pm
I was driving along listening to Gordon and really paid attention to the words of Beautiful and it hit me, this is my friend my love
Claire, the words are us and I cried when I realized it. Beautiful as Gordon says on the CD cover sheet is a song about Love Fullfilled, simply Beautiful
by Amy on 4/15/2012 9:28pm
This was our wedding song in 2006. Timeless and perfect for a wedding.
by Volkmar on 1/2/2013 4:22pm
Those people who like a song such as "Beautiful" cannot really be bad. Some say "It's the singer not the song", but as far as Gordon Lightfoot is concerned it is the singer and the song. This song is one of my all-time favourites for different reasons.
by for Christine from David on 2/14/2013 3:20pm
Our wedding song. Happy Valentines Day. You are Beautiful. And I Love You.
by Jack on 2/26/2013 6:04am
My mother had been battling cancer on and off for several years and although I was a drummer, picked this song to learn, play on guitar and sing to her to convey my deepest love for her before I moved to Hawaii. I performed it for her the day before I left. I never saw her again.
by Michael on 3/6/2013 5:57pm
To Lisa OUR Song. Ich Lieben Sie Lisa Ellen
by geo. on 9/11/2013 2:32pm
Last of
The great love songs
by simpley steve on 1/29/2014 10:24am
It's already been said so eloquently. Oh well...
by G on 4/11/2014 6:50am
CPV, you know it's thee
of which he sings
from my heart
Love always

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Gordon Lightfoot Beautiful Lyrics

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