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Elusive Butterfly Lyrics

Artist: Glen Campbell
Album: Hey Little One

You might wake up some morning
To the sound of something moving past your window in the wind
And if you're quick enough to rise
You'll catch the fleeting glimpse of someone's fading shadow
Out on the new horizon you may see the floating motion of a distant pair of wings
And if the sleep has left your ears
You might hear footsteps running through an open meadow
Don't be concerned it will not harm you
It's only me pursuing something I'm not sure of
Across my dreams with nets of wonder I chase the bright elusive butterfly of love

You might have heard my footsteps
Echo softly in the distance through the canyons of your mind
I might have even called your name as I ran searching after something to believe in You might have seen me runnin'
Through the long abandonned ruins of the dreams you left behind
If you remember something there
That glided past you followed close by heavy breathing
Don't be concerned it will not harm you
It's only me pursuing something I'm not sure of
Across my dreams with nets of wonder I chase the bright elusive butterfly of love
I chase the bright butterfly of love I chase the bright butterfly of love
Bu-bu-bu-butterfly of love bu-bu-bu-butterfly of love


by on 10/1/2008 10:22am
I heard this song on the loudspeaker in Shoprite last week and remembered that I had taught myself the(3)chords 50 years ago. When I picked up a guitar over the weekend I realized that I had forgotten the words. The time span here with the commercial deployment say more about this tune than I can. Thanks for the lyrics. (Didn't know it was rhinestone cowboy.) Michael
by Joan on 11/26/2008 5:29am
I woke up this morning with this song going through my head, and i don't have the foggiest reason why. It's been a long time sonce i heard it i'd forgotted half the words so thanks very much for the lyrics
by Sweet song, and one of the few on 2/17/2009 9:14pm
to use jazz chords and still make it onto the pop charts.
by Nemo Nepersonne on 3/27/2009 1:11pm
This is perhaps the most vomit-inducing song written in the past forty years (and there have been a lot of them). The lyrics are nebulous and silly and impossible. And it the only example of iambic undecameter meter in my experience. There's a reason for that. This is even worse than Scott Macenzie's If You Go to San Francisco Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair. Right!
by John Langfield on 4/12/2009 6:53pm
Stuff you Nemo Nepersonne - You should talk with a name like that. Sorry buddy your name is vomit inducing the lyrics are inspiring.
by Lori on 10/9/2009 11:46am
I sent a message to my lover last night I was going to bed hoping to enter his dreams. It was 10 PM Chicago and 5 AM in Madrid where he was at for business. I drifted to sleep with romantic thoughts of him. Early the next morning I went to my mom's and she was trying to recall a song, and remembering, sang Butterfly's of Love... weird, the lyrics supported my niotic science experiment of the night before. After, my friend called me to share the most vivid dream he awoke from around 5 AM Madrid time. Who is foolish? We had fun with the nebulous, silly and, possible!
by Tom on 1/28/2010 9:54am
The lyrics to "Illusive Butterfly" are so beautiful. I am a big Glen Campbell fan and enjoy his version, but the writer, Bob Lind, did a version that is dreamy and sweet enough to match the words.
by J Fred Muggs on 2/7/2010 3:40pm
If you grew up in the New York City area, you probably remember the version by Bob Lind. Murray the K would play it on WOR-FM, and I believe it was Scott Muni who used the song to end his show on WNEW-FM.
by Grumpyoleman on 10/23/2010 1:37pm
I heard this tune whilst chowing down on a Whataburger this noon. Had no idea Glenn C. wrote it and might even be singing it. I never liked it because the lyrics are too complex and don't make a lot of sense. For all these many years I blamed it on John Hartford who wrote "Gentle on My Mind." Sorry, John, although John is currently deceased and likely doesn't give a damn about what I think.
by RomanticMe on 12/3/2010 8:11pm
who did write this beauty. Campbell or Lind?
by Bhutuji on 1/27/2011 9:49am
I had a very strong, profound dream this am. about being relaxed and centered and whole - the way human beings are meant to be - and it was very refreshing and rejuvenating - I won't go into the details - and at the end this song started, with Bob Lind, I believe, singing: "You might wake up some morning/To the sound of something moving past your window in the wind..."
I hadn't heard it in years! Very blissful and ecstatic to hear it!
by Joe Tackett on 6/16/2011 9:35pm
I'm not sure that Glen Campbell ever recorded this song. I know that the original big hit was not Glen's recording (I can still hear it in my head, and it was not as full as Glen's voice). It was probably just a "one Hit Wonder" song.

Anyway, I really loved this song, and I had totally forgotten about it for at least 20 years. Last night, I picked up my guitar and played a D-Maj 7th chord, and the song came flooding back into my memory. I'm not certain that it was originally played in that key, but it "feels" right. You can play the whole song just using D Maj7 - Em - A - Em - D Maj7 (it changes a little in the order of the chords as it goes along, but it's easy to figure out.)

Great song form the 60's Pop-Folk era (Dylan, The Byrds, The Mamas and the Papas, Buffalo Springfield, Tim Hardin, and Peter Paul and Mary.
by Chris A on 10/9/2011 1:00am
Driving in the car today we just started singing this magical song from 40+ years ago. And we still are chasing the bright elusive butterfly and I imagine we always will. Can't think of another poem that comes close to expressing this feeling. I hope the author can sense our waves of gratitude.
by Big O on 12/29/2011 1:47am
I remember hearing this song as a young man and thinking ??? . It surprised me to hear that Glen Campbell had written it. I believe I see John Hartfield's influence here but Glen forgot to keep it simple. He wrote in too many flowery images that really was non-sensical. Somehow though the song is a blast from our past and tells of a time when that sort of song was playing.
by Janice Green on 2/1/2012 6:31am
My late hubby always used to sing this song, and as it his birthday to-day I felt the need to read the words, if I could only here him sing it for me one more time x
by JK on 3/28/2012 2:22pm
Song was NOT written by Glen C.
Song and music written by Bob Lind; might want to learn how to use Google, Lyric Depot.
by ali pearson on 8/9/2012 2:02pm
saw a butterfly in garden today and the words it "will not harm you it's only me in search of something... butterfly of love ran thru my head. thanks for the has been about 40 years!
by Laura L. on 11/26/2013 10:21am
If the sleep has left your ears, you might hear footsteps echo softly in the distance through the canyons of your mind. If this is followed closely by heavy breathing, it's time to clean out your cranial canyons...

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