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The Best Man I Can Be Lyrics

Artist: Ginuwine
Album: The Best Man Soundtrack

Yeah this is for my brothers in the hood
And the high risers, on the mansions with the maids
We gotta come together, come on y'all
Case, Ginuwine, Tyrese, and me R.L.
Help me sing it fellas, yeah

I'm sitting here alone
Trying to face another day
Gotta stay strong, hmm
To endure this pain

I'm dealing with right now
It flipped my whole life upside down
I don't want your help
I don't need your sympathy, no

[All: chorus]
What can a brother do for me?
(See he can you help you up when you are down)
What can a brother do for me?
(He can be your eyes when you can't see)
What can a brother do for me?
(He can help me be the best man I can be)
(Oh I can be, I can be, oh I can be, I can be)
He can help me be the best man I can be
(Oh yeah, yeah, yeah)

(Be the best man)
I made a big mistake
And I'm feeling so ashamed
And I don't want to lose my friendship over it
I've gotta keep the faith, yes I do

Cause I'm still your boy, I've got your back
That'll never, never, never, never gonna change
So I can just cite the truth
And keep smiling in your face

[All: chorus]

I keep struggling but I'm trying my best
I got some issues with my own confidence
Lord help me to forgive and forget
Can ou please help me to be a better man?

For the rest of the darkest nights
Shines the brightest sun
I hate the man I used to be
I'm better than before

[All: chorus]

Cause he's my brother, brother, brother, brother
Yes he is my brother, brother, brother, brother

Sees when I'm down on my luck and I'm
Crying cause a woman done left me
I ain't got nothing cause it's cold outside
He'll give me a ride
When it's late at night
Cause he's my brother, brother, brother, brother
See sometimes I may go astray but he'll lead me back the right way
And tell me everything's okay
Cause he's my brother, brother, brother, brother
Brother, brother, brother, brother
Oh I know sometimes you'll need me and I got your back
Oh cause I know you got mine
Cause you're my brother
And I love you, love you, love you
You can count on me, sing it
Case, Tyrese and G, you are my brother, brother, brother

R.L oh my brother
Late up at night
If you need a helping hand just call on me
Talking 'bout my brothers, brothers, brothers
All across the world, my brothers yeah
I love you


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