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Taking Everything Lyrics

Artist: Gerald Levert

[Thought I told you ]
[Don't call here no more]
[I ain't gonna tell you]
[But one more time]
[Don't you call, no...]

I don't care what your father say
I don't care what your mother say
I don't care what your sister say
I don't care what them judges say

You can't take my babies away [But you ain't got no choice]
Babies away, no, no, baby [Listen, huh]

Five years, two kids, and a dog
Boy, I cooked for you even cleaned your dirty drawers
Boy, I trusted you
But then I busted you (But it wasn't me baby, see)

Mercedes Benz, famous friends, and a maid
I was talkin' 'bout your heavy loan
While I busted my a## out on the road for you
That incident you think you seen
Baby girl, baby girl, wasn't really me [Huh, who was it, who was it]

You took my heart (No, no, no)
You took my cars (Oh, no)
You took my crib (Why, why, why, why)
Got the nerve to take my kids (Take my kids)
Got the nerve to take my kids (Why you wanna take my kids and my)

I'm taking everything, everything, everything [I'm gonna take
[All that you have is gonna be mine]
I'm taking everything, everything, everything [Damn right, damn right,
damn right, damn right]

You musta had nothin' in a while
'Cause every time you get horny, tryin' to keep me from my child
Ain't that what you're tryin' to do, baby, oh, baby
You're just hateful girl, hateful girl, yeah

Boy, I sexed you just because (Ooh)
Must be thinkin' that your strokin' was more better than it was
Now I'mma make it short (Ain't gotta be like that, baby)
Oh yeah, kiss all your s
#$ goodbye (Ain't gotta be that way, no, no...)
I'm gon' see your a## in court

You took my heart [I'm gon' take everything]
You took my cars [Take all your cars, all your heart] (Take it, baby)
You got the nerve to take my kids (Don't take my kids)
You got the nerve to take my kids (See, see baby, I'mma have to put a
root on you, ha)

I'm taking everything, everything, everything (See, mama said you wa'nt
no good)
[She never really knew my name]
I'm taking everything, everything, everything [Your daddy tried do, do,
do, do] (I loved you)

[Why, did you have to go and sex my friend]
[Sex my friend, sex my friend]
Why did you have to take away my Benz
Both of them, both of them
[Why do you keep on calling on my phone]
[Now I got you thinkin' about it, thinkin' about it]
Why, 'cause I thought my kids would be at home
All alone, all alone
Oh, why, why, oh, why
Oh, why, oh, why, oh, why, oh...
Why, why, why, why, why, why
Taking everything
You're taking everything
You're taking everything


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