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Searchin Lyrics

Artist: Freddie Foxxx
Album: Industry Shakedown

[Verse 1]
As a child I felt lonely and helpless
Low cash from a neighborhood wealthless
I'll stick a wino, and rob him for his last penny
Happy days around my way we didn't find many
Momma said that I was outta line talkin smack
Extension cords to this young nigga's black back
A juvenile, thirteen, now I'm locked up
Scared to cry, I don't wanna get fucked up
Fifty push ups a strain on my young chest
I paint the pictures that I pose for a sleeveless
I see my momma only supervised when she cry
She said my baby brother's comin he aint far behind
Somebody tell me how I ended up like this
I wait for God to give me strength, I'ma fight this
I refuse to bend down cuz I'm young and wild
Do or die that's this young nigga's rough style
They'll never find me

Searchin to find me [4X]
My soul will be free before they find me

[Verse 2]
I hit the street full grown, momma's gone now
Had a heart attack I'm living on my own now
My black boots and my state green all I own
And a burning desire for a microphone
I see my little man Tiah bless me wit a burner
Any coincidence I'm feeling like Nat Turner
Twenty stick ups in thirty days they see me comin
Everybody on the block duck and start runnin
A old lady told me baby boy calm down
But like in Vietnam war I got to bomb now
My cash was up a little somethin, somethin, takin shake
I blasted reddie at the weedgate and took his papes
Cuz I done came a long way, in a short time
And I'm willing to die tryin to get mine
Alotta niggas think I'm cool wit 'em, guess what
Them niggas in for a shock cuz I'm fucked up
You'll never find me


[Verse 3]
I got a little crew now I'm selling weight
White mickeyed out Navigator, tight straight
I got the butter soft seats watch a video
Stag a lee, everybody in the city knows
I make my rounds and I'm checkin how my work's moving
Shit is picking up nice, life is improving
I got the baddest bird in Brooklyn, she six months
She keep a eye on my whole house, my youngsters
I got my honey on the side she don't know about
I'm on my way to see her now, I'm a blow her out
I pull up to see her standing in the door waiting
Shorty fine like a porn star masturbating
She said, "Daddy are you hungry, would you like to eat
Would you let me rub your back, can I kiss your feet"
I told her, "Baby make the bed cuz I need rest"
She sucked me down until I fell asleep, God bless
I see my momma with my eyes closed, kinda strange
Time to wake up and touch something, outta range
White clouds with the softness I hear the music
What the hell is going on here I'm 'bout to lose it
Momma why you talking to me like you right here
She said, "Son you outta focus now, come clear"
She said, "Your life'll be a milestone for everyone
Because your layin in the bed that you made son"
Look how they found me



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Freddie Foxxx Lyrics
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