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RV Lyrics

Artist: Faith No More
Album: Angel Dust

Backside melts into the sofa
My world, my TV, and my food
Besides listening to my belly gurgle
Ain't much else to do
Yeah, I sweat a lot
Pants fall down every time I bend over
And my feet itch
Yeah - I married a scarecrow
I hate you
Talkin' to myself
Everybody's starin' at me
I'm only bleedin'
Someone taps me on the shoulder every 5 minutes
Nobody speaks English anymore
Would anyone tell me if I was gettin' stupider?
I hate you
Talkin' to myself
You don't feel it after awhile
You take the beating
I'm a swingin' guy
Throw a belt over the shower curtain rod
And swing - - -
Toss me inside a hefty
And put me in the ground
A drink needs me
I don't
I ain't about to guzzle no tears
So kiss my ass
Newscasters, cockroaches, and desserts
I hate you
Talkin' to myself
Everybody's starin' at me
I'm only bleedin'
where are the kids?
I think it's time I had a talk with my kids
I'll just tell 'em what my daddy told me


by delicious_hamburger on 6/5/2008 1:56am
Best lyrics ever.
by Eliot on 6/6/2008 10:20am
The best song is great กกกกกกก

from colombia bquilaa
by guille on 9/14/2008 11:52am
awesome dude!
by deckart on 1/15/2009 1:48pm
very nice
by Killerkyle1994 on 4/17/2009 1:43pm
OMG This Song Is Genious Lol, It's Like Through The Eyes Of a Lazy Person Mike Pattons a Utter Genious!
by ricks on 5/15/2009 1:56am
i didn't get 'lazy' from it. i got a feeling of this man who's the dregs of society (because of how he's brought up)

But before he hangs himself with his belt in the shower, he's gonna teach his kids how to be as fuckedup.
by rolando on 1/13/2011 9:05pm
a real life song baby. Faith no more is the best group of the world
by kelshahan on 2/15/2011 5:57pm
the end of everything
by B.P. on 1/16/2013 1:50pm
I'm am with Ricks, this is a track negative social heritage in my optix.

Faith No More Lyrics
Faith No More Angel Dust Lyrics

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