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Kuruption (featuring Kurupt) Lyrics

Artist: Everlast
Album: Whitey's Ultimate Collection Of Rare And Unreleased Tracks

CHORUS: (2x)
Government's corrupt
Police force's corrupt
Education's corrupt
It's all fucked up

Step two paces....
Turn and entrapped in the middle of the frontline where the action's at
Head straight to the scope, it's like hangin on the edge, of a ledge
I play my part, piece to the puzzle
Heat's with a muzzle, a YG always in trouble
Cuz of what he know, cuz of what he knew
How he grew, up and, what he grew up to
And what he gon' grow up to be
It's nuttin wrong but homie don't grow up to be like me
Temptation to touch, a terrible thing
A placement in your palm an unbearable thing
The street has many wars, infiltries, many ways
Lives lost, many K's, full size and mini K's
Comin in many arrays
Many shapes, sizes, and shades
Cuz boys in blue they just might get you


Now Bobby and Susy were unhappily wed
So Bobby shot Susy in the back of the head
Bobby got taken to the county jail
He put up his house and he walked on bail
Now Bobby's on the streets he's free as the breeze
He saved up his loot for his legal fees
He spent his whole bank quote on attorneys
who got the case dropped on technicalities


Through the good and bad times, times bad and good
Missin all the things that we used to have in the hood
Things makin me happy, used to make me sad
It feels like the war of the world, fire in hand
Spread, head to head like legions of germs
Wrapped like pearls and shells make รข'em wriggle like worms
We everlastin, Kurupt and Everlast
Lashin, ever ready sounds, spreadin like rashes
Life is complicated, Kurupt, Everlast, and Soopafly made it
For traded, supposedly stay shaded
They may lurk, but we lurk too
They create the war, that we fight for
There's only one life and only one way to be
God fear gotta give love to the G-O-D cuz I can see
Everythang's corrupted, I'm corrupted
TV corrupted the public, niggaz yellin out 'fuck it'



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Everlast Whitey's Ultimate Collection Of Rare And Unreleased Tracks Lyrics

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