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Black Jesus Lyrics

Artist: Everclear

They call me
White Devil, black Jesus
Heaven closing, Hell freezing
Eagles trippin, scripts keep flippin
Bloods keep bloodin, crypts keep cryptin
Time keeps slippin, and I keep falling
And I can't see but I, hear them calling
Ballers ballin, payers payin
Haters writin, righteous bangin
Don bringing, and I keep makin
Women keep takin, shooked ones keep shakin
No time for fakin, not me
I ain't choppin no bras, just rising like a queen
If you diggin the scene, feelin the vibes
Through your, hands in the air
Scream "are you alive," singin
Na na, na na na
Na na, na na na
Na na, na na na
Na na, na na na
They call me
Black Jesus, white Moses
Heaven freezin, Hell closin,
People opposin, punk rock chicks
The kids are alright but I, need my fix
If you, diggin the mix, feelin the drugs
Keepin it real, livin like thugs, I spit
Kisses and hugs like .45 slugs
Come back on the run and kiss my love gun
Gotta look that'll kill, voice that'll carry
Half-a-dozen women that I think I wanna marry
Got trouble on my mind, imma feelin the loose
And still I gotta find, someone to abuse
So won't you run spread the news, help say the word
And jump the fuck back and sat like you heard
They call me
White devil, black Jesus
Heaven closin, Hell freezin
Black Jesus, white Moses
Heaven freezes, Hell closes, singin
Na na, na na na
Na na, na na na
Na na, na na na
Na na, na na na
Waaa, bwa bwa bwa bwaaa
Shubie-doo-waaa, bwa bwa bwa bwa
They call me
White sinner, black mauler
Live wire, fire starter
Jungle brother, redman cracker
Freak of nature, new world slacker
Sex junkie, lookin for a dealer
You can play the lap girl, and I'll play the healer
Shit it's only gettin realer baby I bet you heard
That the bird bird bird yes the bird is the word
They go one for the trouble, two for the time
And three for my homies and four for the dimes
Singin' lemme see the lines till the break'a dawn
Excuse me (six minutes) every last you on
And they go on and on, like a rolling stone, baby
And where I lay my hat is my home
They call me
White Devil, black Jesus
Heaven closes, Hell freezes
Black Jesus, white Moses,
Heaven freezes, Hell closes, singin


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