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We On That Shit Lyrics

Artist: Eve
Album: Ruff Ryders First Lady

Aiight now get your guns aint no stopping me,
Need the whole cash bundle for me and my bitches shoppin spree
The robbery? damn you smart, and you guessed right of me , Askin all those questions was to set you up right?
Where da mall? Pretend Im Jada let us set it off
Cardigan , Rolli, time frozen get em off
Dinglin with diamonds all that glistens is mine
And all that bitchin that you doin I had ya kissin this 9.
Yall niggas, worse than bitches tears in your eyes
I aint got no sympathy, so if you scared Nigga cry. On your knees, face and chest Look shutup.
Fuck this man we robbin all Lipstick and wigs what? Ya we wrong but you took me out and let me see it all , Braggin bout the shit you got and now I get it all ..Matter of fact take your clothes off, I like it when they bare Everything from Iceberg to Silk Doche Underwear is mine.

Yo, jack that nigga cuz we on that shit
Get out your rifle cuz we on that shit
Get your stash box cuz we on that shit
Run that ice cuz we on that shit
Keep a loaded clip cuz we on that shit
Ryde or Die nigga cuz we on that shit
We out to get it all cuz we on that shit
And Eve dont play cuz she takes no shit

Yo, I shoot backin out peep max the mouth
And only way I dont get shit is if you stash the house
Professional bitches, destined for riches
Impressin jewels distracted by the size of my ass, had ya fooled. I aint gettin Nada, forget that, Just sit back and watch me take everything even your throw sack , get my bitch to roll it, smoke it while we packin, Expensive paintings on your walls? Give me that , Aint no slackin time aint a factor , Imma get it all, used to ball wit you niggas now Im makin ya crawl across the floor, eagle crushed, and I dont give a fuck .
Small change to the Range heard what I said? Give it up! I know it aint right, but me and my bitches gotta eat tonite and everynight from now on, get it right, Why? Why ask why? Im simply livin and I get what I want by simply takin or you simply givin


Yall niggas faggitish cops spot me, got me runnin out my kicks , unlatch the ice pieces on my neck and wrist Screechin in the street from the 5 series to a ditch . Im fast hed have to wait and I aint scared to blast, thuggin, jumpin over shit, bet this bitch could last , ready for war, ya act like I aint did this shit before.
Just practice for me next week Ill be wantin more
best believe you aint gonna live to see tomorrow My dawgs already warned your motha, shell be full of sorrow . Bustin through the door of somebodys house, kids screamin,I aint gonna front somehow I wish that I was even dreamin, its too late now, all yall hatas guns down , Cop back *POP POP POP* and Im like What Now? Ghettoberg on me, weavin through the trees Last miss I hopped over fell and landed on my knees Gun barrels at my temple fuck it imma make this simple!



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