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Ain't Got No Dough Lyrics

Artist: Eve
Album: Ruff Ryders First Lady

Bet I make you a believa, feva, is what u catch when you see her.
Cheata, that be you check your beeper *911* neva Eve stressin for your lovin I dont want none.
Peepa to see her , look at you nigga actin like you need her. You run blocks wit ur Henny on da rocks , You dont think I see you wallin thirsty nigga want da cops, uhhh, Let you live for a minute then I slide off get you mad , Holla "No Smoky Ride Off!" . Stressin me, You aint blessin me wit ur 96' rolli bustin it, aint impressin me . Hear me though , wanna job, Need a resume , Ready though? cuz my time is like pressin me you got petty dough but Im hear to let you know that my time is like priceless, so if u iceless BabyGirl gotta go.

Aint got no dough, Broke ass niggas aint got cash flow. Ya'll know yall cant buy shit, see me in da club tryin to impress this.
[repeat 2x]

You could say im blessed, I know, Niggas like em flashy drive an F 5 0, jets I blow, gold teeth yall blow. H-Y-Dro keep em leanin in the club Hoochies screamin yall know. Hear me bitches ,follow me, Daddy lickin out yo tongue, wanna swallow me? wanna follow me? Neva put no smile on me , Betta stop that wanna see me beggin for your chips? bet I doubt that. What you lookin at huh? Still speakin to me think u pushin it huh? No u pussy cat run. Cuz this bitch is gonna buy, I dont like to fly . Grab it, choke it, hold it down Ruff Ryde it Ruff Ryde. I could give you what you need or give you what you like.But the pay is kinda low so this pussy gon' stride. Wishin you could touch me, lust me, listen up daddy you aint ready for the bed trauma give it up.

[chorus repeat 2x]

Swizz got beatz yall everytime I drop shit ,Ha think not. and it dont stop this bitch top notchin yall keep watchin play da back baby while your team keep flockin , tryin to touch my ass?You aint got da strength to mount this stallion I pass. While in out I dash to the type of thug thats got they business piling up they cash, Long line of credit cuz I like my thug to last. See they like it when I talk that, Dough sat Cutbacks we dont want that, frontin but you flaunt that, Stuntin what you want black? cheap stack, keep that. Fake money maker, fake thug we dont need that. Whats that all about? I can see you from a mile runnin at the mouth, lies poppin out,Claimin yous a hustlin type a nigga, cut it out, yous a average type a cat , no money, no cloud.

When Missy flow I give yall fevas
Yo if ur bitch is ugly you dont need her, feed her to a wild pack of cheetas . Yo I let yall bitches see em off da meter,uuhhuhh, Me and Eve give yall seizures, yo I put your niggas down on their knees huh, eatup, so we treat yall like skeezas, yo let me, let me, take a quick breatha ,uhhhh, Yo do yall smell them trees huh? Oh do yall hear them bangin Swizz Beatz huh? Oh do yall feel them rappin and see huh? Yo you wanna roll wit me huh? 1 2 (1 2) Misdemeanor (Misdemeanor) (Eve) (Swizz Beatz) (Ruff Ryders)ye, ye, Mothafucka now what? (Mothafucka now what?)


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