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One Day Lyrics

Artist: Esham
Album: Dead Flowerz

[Esham talking]
One day I'ma die, mama don't cry
Ain't no heaven up in the sky
One day I'ma fade away
And set the world on fire, watch the sky turn grey 2x
I was born to mourn,I guess that's why I live the life of misery
Forever through eternity
My mama was a junkie, I was born into this world a crack baby
My bottle was brass monkey
I developed a brain tumor,now I consume a half ounce of Rose
I sniff bullets with my snub nose
I grew up on the east side, 7 mile area
I was raised like a pitbull terrier
I developed a criminal behavior
I murdered my first man and knew Jesus Christ wasn't my savior
Jehovah witness,witnessed me takin care of my business
So I shot him on the front porch
I took their bibles and burned em
I checked their pockets, turned em inside out
Dumped their bodies in the lake with the trout
It all started as a toddler,now I'm a .45 bullet swallower
And mama don't cry
Somehow it seems,mama calling my name in my dreams
Crackfiends, amphetimenes, what does it really mean
Sometimes it feels like I'm fallin,am I close to death
Gaspin,suffocatin for air,losin my breath
I see visions of doctors and scalpels makin incisions
From fatal collisions to suicidal desitions
Nobody knows my suffering
I bring the pain from my migrane, I swallow 23 bufferins
I was addicted to caine since birth
Crack baby goin crazy, so how much is my life worth
A baby boy that bounces
36 ounces I flip,kilograms I slam from the hip
It's kinda crazy how I'm livin
But I'm mad on a murder ride nigga I'm suicide driven
I've arisen from a dead state-of-mind to find I was blind,too late
Mama don't cry
If I could start all over I would
But I can't,if I could,then my heart might have been good
I guess I lost all my time when I lost my mind
It makes me sad to hear mama cryin
So many dyin
I never stopped to think what I put you through
Much love,I thought you hated me,mama see I never knew
I guess I walked the wrong path
In the aftermath,many demons screamin my name
You don't know the half
I was dead a long time ago
Never ressurected,once the .45 shell connected
With my dome,I saw my misery crack a smile
So put my dead body in the pile
And wait a while till you come to the cemetary
Cuz you might see my tombstone burnin cuz it's necessary
Pine box, my body rots with the best of em
Mama I'm dead like the rest of em
Mama don't cry


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