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My Mind's Blowin Up Lyrics

Artist: Esham
Album: Kkkill The Fetus

You are now about to enter my mind, a place where few have dared to go,'s about to blow.

Life aint shit, yours and mine
In god it's time, I gotta find myself
Through all this madness
Manic depression and sadness
I want a way out, I want a better route
Voices in my head, I wanna let em out
I get so pissed off, when shit aint going right
It gets tight
I'm trapped in here
The only friend I got is my enemy and he's in the mirror
I gotta deal with the tension
The shit get's so deep, I dont go to sleep
Bullshit and hell on earth
I ask myself, how much is my life worth?
I'm thinkin bout god
In god we trust, but I cant trust him
Before I die, the one thing I wanna do
Is have my cake and eat it too
I was born in sin, I guess I'm born again
From this life I was torn to get born again
It's all fucked up....I think my minds blowin up

If you can just, get yo mind together
If you can just, get yo mind together

I said I gotta get my head together
But my head aint together yet
I'm thinkin no sweat
Don't push me cuz I'm close to the edge
I'd rather jump off the ledge myself
Symptoms of insanity, might as well do it
Aint nothin to it but to do it
I'm comin down off a bad trip
LSD, I got's the acid
Life aint nothin but a riddle
Deaths on the other side
I'm kinda stuck in the middle
Can I get a little or alot
Can I say a prayer, your religion's all you got
I know what I'm supposed to know
But I dont know when I gotta go I gotta go
Somebodys callin me
You see what I'm sayin cuz I'm sayin what you see
I cant walk alone, I'm in the Twilight Zone
They told me Jesus was a clone
I dont read the bible
Because it's all about survival
So I get my rifle and get trifled
It's all fucked up...I think my minds blowin up

If you can just, get yo mind together
If you can just, get yo mind together

I take time out to smell the shit
All the shit, all this shit I cant deal with
And if I deal with it, then I get ill with it
I'm kinda still with it, but I stay reel with it
I cant get caught up, trouble's my mind thought up
Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde's back brought up
Some people tell me that I'm way outta line
I step back and touch their heads and blow their minds
I feel I'm ill, I feel I'm reel
I feel I'm dead, I feel I died, but I'm alive still
The only problem I have is life, living
But I dont sweat it, I dont regret it
Give what I'm giving, test me and you'll fail
Follow in my footsteps and walk the bloody trail
How much is my life worth on a scale
From one to ten, cant win for lose and lose to win
I cant begin to tell you how it's fucked up
I think my minds blowin up

If you can just, get yo mind together
If you can just, get yo mind together


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