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Knockin' Em Dead Lyrics

Artist: Esham
Album: Boomin' Words From Hell

Well as I step up to the mic I get the sudden urge
To kick the wicked shit and bust word after word
In a freestyle, E-style I go buck wild
Grab the microphone and start fuckin up yo style
Well as I stick up, turn the bass kick up
When a microphone I pick up, you pick my dick up
Now it's about time for me to change my rhyme
And let the Unholy fuck it up one time
The U-N-H-O-L-Y-L-Y-O-H-N-U
To rock a ryhme I wont pretend to
Next on the menu, funky rhyme descends to
Love the way the bass go boom on ten
Let me bust it, well let me bust one time or was it
The U-N-H-O-L-Y cuz a easy does it
As I bust it all the suckas wanna write what I said
But this one here, a just knock em dead

Well it's about time, um, it's about time
Well it's about time for me to drop my rhyme
On the lyric with the holy spirit lyrical flowa
Ya bitch is on my tip so I'd like to get to know her
I can rock a rhyme either faster or slower
And my rhyme's be burnin like fuckin flame thrower
One for the homeboy's two for the ho's
Three to get ready I'm about to flow
I'm not a gangsta, sorta like a lyrical terror
The brand new funk is acid rap the new era
The Unholy witch and his bag of tricks
Nothin that a little holy water can fix
You rock Esham cuz he's the one that hit's
And if you dont like the Unholy poetry then suck my dick
This one right here a make you red in the face
I mean, this one right here a make your face turn red
But I'm knockin em out, knockin em down, and knockin em dead

Well as I rock and shock the funky rhyme that's one of a kind ya bite it
Sucka's here my rhyme run home and re-write
But this time I'm rockin rhyme's that you cant relate to
Rockin beat's like this you know I'd really often hate to
But I gotta show this certain style's sometimes
Cuz I can sound fresh and my shit dont have to rhyme
Like, grab my bozak, you niggas the bite me
The people who dont like me they just jealous
And suck my dick and you can suck my dick too
If you dont like this groove motherfucker I'm still gettin bank
You bought it just think, just use your head
Cuz I'm a slap you dick, I'm slap you with my dick
I'm a slap you with much dick, and just knock ya dead


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