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Fried Chicken Lyrics

Artist: Esham
Album: Dead Flowerz

My heads been hurtin since 83€™
Since birth my mommas been afraid of me
I was raised by the streets
I was made to be a young nigga makein cash so easily
I rolled into town full of playas and snitches
Every nigga I know be down for riches
OZ€™s, 8ths, kilos, and pounds
Nigga just yo ass right out of bounds
7 m-i-l-e€™s where I ride cause I roll through yo town like suicide
If you see me on the streets gotta bloody pistol
Triple beam OZ€™s get cut for crystal
Might come to your town and I€™ll kill your crew
Put a crack house right next door to you
If I fucked your bitch man its all in the game
I done nutted in her mouth and don€™t know her name
Might come to your hood with my bad intentions
To fuck all the bitches with the hair extensions
If you see a nigga lookin to side of my ride
Just look for the joint in my mouth and you can say I€™m fried
You can say I€™m fried
You can say I€™m fried
I got a track violation warrant for my rep
To dope case bleedin to no contempt
Had to beat a nigga ass at the liquor sto€™
Cause he said he wouldn€™t sell me alcohol no mo€™
Fuck that I gotta get my buzz and die
Get high still DWI
What the fuck y€™all know about a millionaire gettin money slappin hoes screamin I don€™t care
I€™m the neighborhood crook screamin fuck the hook
I€™m the nigga that snatched yo mom€™s pocket book
Wicked shit, shit don€™t stop forever
Playa hatas hate me nigga whatever
I be fuckin these hoes since 94€™
Screamin fuck these tricks in 96€™
Real life I€™ll life fuckin dikes hangin with Dice screamin what€™d it be like
Nigga ridin€™, high sidin, suicidein, muder-i-ing
Nigga You can say I€™m fried
You can say I€™m fried
You can say I€™m fried
I like money and everythin that comes with that
I like pussy and big hoe asses fat
I like hoes suck dick at a drop of a dime
Put a gun in yo mouth and let it blow yo mind
Bitch boy my names Esham for real
Niggas still I kill for my dollar
So real I€™m out for the fortune and game
Street politics, tricks, to cocaine
Sittin€™ in a crack house earnin€™ my snaps
Way before I was bustin em raps
It€™s the c-o-c-a-i-n-e now lets niggas be dope on the m-i-c
So fuck what you heard about me before I€™m the same ol€™ nigga
Esham€™s dough hoe


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