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Devilsh*t Lyrics

Artist: Esham
Album: Tongues

Boy, boy, crazy boy
Gotta rocket in my pocket [2x]

Maximum overdrive, how to stay alive
Jumpin' outta Lear jets no parachute, skydive
Fuck these niggaz, I'm runnin' wit' a .45
I don't wanna be, ugh, I don't even wanna be alive
But if I gotta be NATAS, the hottest nigga wit' coatist
Bein' stated's what brought us, bloody up ya pratas
When I drag ya through the mud
Got love for guns, got love for slugs
Drugs, thugs wit' money turn ya rainy day sunny
The MDNA got my nose runny
Still runnin' up in these races
Runnin' against these racists
Treat ya like Joe Bruce wit' 2 faces
And I don't wanna be alive

Boy, boy, crazy boy
Gotta rocket in my pocket
Boy, boy, crazy boy
Gotta rocket in my pocket
Dump, dump, dump, dump, dump, I'ma
Dump, dump, I'ma dumb, I'ma dumb, I'ma dumb
Boy, boy, crazy boy
Gotta rocket in my pocket
Boy, boy, crazy boy
Gotta rocket in my pocket

[Kool Keith]
Ski masks in the back seat
I'm turning 6th street, you bout to feel heat
E on the Burrough street
Callin' cops in, glocks in
Cocks in, niggaz are blocked in
Moving out to Washington
Turn the siren down, clap with gun sound
Double lock, back up wit' the gun, clown
You walkin North but the sign say South bound
Ambulance, yo, yo, you bucked down
Man, move, yo, kid, you duck down
Fall in the foxhole, move dodger
Hot ya vest now, move a little farther
Giddy-up hoes, you get fucked though
My aim sharp so, .38 slug so
I duck shells when they scatter 'round the rugs though
I dump twicely, I dump nicely
Kid precisely, penetrate the wall so
When I'm also
Tech penetrate yo spray ya torso



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