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7 Mile RD. Lyrics

Artist: Esham
Album: Bruce Wayne: Gothom City

You don't know my fucking [stilo?]
I can't fuck with you punk if you can't cop a kilo
36 ozs, no [goldees?], hoes on their knees, bitch please
I owe the mob 4 million
They want their money or their dope or they're killing all my children
Fuck that I'm Bruce Wayne insane, if you see me in the rain I'm selling cocaine
You see I just joined the mob man
And see the run with the righteous or Batman and Robin
And I ain't with the stick up
For every nigga that you stick up
He's bound to call his clique up
I got to worry 'bout the police
And the F.B.I., wanna know why
Cuz I'm a million dolla ball playa
And these minor league niggas would love to see me fall playa
I'm on craps like 2 dice
Fuck FM 98 and that bitch nothin' nice
I'm underground like P-Funk,
And I'll still put you're bloody body in the fucking trunk punk
I'm on 7 mile riding dirty
With a birdie in the trunk and a bag of funk
Nigga what?
I'm on 7 mile ridin' dirty
168 I hate to jump back
So now I must add and subtract to pay the stack
Ill automobiles, V12's and meals
A half a million dollar house out in he hills
My chrome plated .357's my tool
Nigga don't make me out a fuckin' fool
You's a hoe ass nigga, ain't got no loot
If basketball was a gun, you'd be scared to shoot
Fuck that rap that you saying, don't make no sense
My recital is vital once I commence
Got 36 oz, one kilo z
2 8th's is a half and 4 is a key
I'm a street politician so I politic
If the chicken ain't cookin' then the grease ain't clickin'
Get a bird mother fucker, fuck that a nine to five
Call me John Travlota cuz I'm stayin' alive
7 mile ridin' dirty
To all my homies sellin' dope, don't be a snitch and don't go broke


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