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Artist: Eric Clapton
Album: Blues

by Robert Johnson

I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.
I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.
Asked the Lord above for mercy, "Save me if you please."

I went down to the crossroads, tried to flag a ride.
I went down to the crossroads, tried to flag a ride.
Nobody seemed to know me, everybody passed me by.

I'm going down to Rosedale, take my rider by my side.
I'm going down to Rosedale, take my rider by my side.
You can still barrelhouse, baby, on the riverside.

You can run, you can run, tell my friend-boy Willie Brown.
You can run, you can run, tell my friend-boy Willie Brown.
And I'm standing at the crossroads, believe I'm sinking down.


by anonymous on 6/25/2008 5:00pm
easily one of the greatest guitar songs of all time
by Clayton Hill on 8/17/2008 6:32am
what a great song shame Bob Dylan singing out of time felt the need to fuck it up at eric clapton and friends but it is still an absolutely brilliant song piece out bros and sis's and rock on
by Gocky on 11/17/2008 8:40am
Originally it's from Robert it has to be a great song.
by Alan Manley. on 1/22/2009 8:44pm
You don't credit any lyrics to, or make any mention here of the great Robert Johnson and he wrote it!
by JD on 2/2/2009 4:20am
Probably one of the defining blues songs ever, Thanks RJ!
by jake on 3/18/2009 4:34am
clapton song of course its gona be good regardless of who wrote it or how good they are/where
by ella on 4/2/2009 12:50pm
why doset this have song's on this
by Willie "the blind dog fulton" Brown on 4/21/2009 5:17am
thanks for the great song RJ
by lllol on 5/22/2009 2:54pm
clapton pwns
by jake2 on 1/11/2010 10:30am
Booring. Clapton sings like shit
by Mark on 3/17/2010 11:53pm
what is barrelhouse
by Richard on 4/13/2010 8:45am

1. A disreputable old-time saloon or bawdyhouse.
2. An early style of jazz characterized by boisterous piano playing, free group improvisation, and an accented two-beat rhythm.
by agamemnon on 4/14/2010 3:55am

Its a pity someone thinks Clapton is the not the best singer around, that may be true but since when did that matter? Still a great song despite its vintage.
by texsara on 4/28/2010 11:18am
I like Todd Rundgren's version BEST.
His Johnson tour (saw it in Dallas)kicks rockin A@@ bigtime!
by Rbachman on 5/4/2010 7:30pm
Ok... Maybe by American idol standturds Clapton is a shitty singer... Unfortunately for you he is not subject to those standards as he is a blues singer. In which case he frickin rocks
by Roberto Nascimento Oliveira on 5/18/2010 8:42pm
Cyndi Lauper version <3
by h on 6/21/2010 7:14pm
Saw Clapton do a live, slow blues version of Crossroads. That was the best I've heard.
by afafds on 10/2/2010 2:00pm
this song is horrible. clapton is as much a god as like justin bieber is a man
by fuckyouall on 10/6/2010 1:37pm
look, robert jonson is awesome. there woundn't be good electric blues if it wasnt for him. And Eric Clapton is awesome. some of you talk shit about a man that has been playing and singing for longer than you have been alive, and you havent even bilt up enough talent to please your own mother. stop talking shit.
by dammit on 10/6/2010 1:41pm
fuck you
by Robert Johnson on 11/13/2010 12:08am
Quit frontin' with me!
by Tom Thimgan on 12/11/2010 8:01pm
If you don't like Clapton playing "Crossroads", Cream or later slow versions, you just don't like electric blues...or you just don't know what it is! Absolutely NOBODY can bend a note on guitar as perfectly as E.C.
by j on 12/16/2010 12:32am
afafds a a fucking fag who doesn't know shit
by Fuck on 1/9/2011 6:08pm
We get it. People hate Clapton's voice. Like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan, he was embarrassed of his voice. All three of them had something to make up for it. For Dylan, it was lyrics. For Hendrix and Clapton, it was fucking awesome guitar skills. I love Robert Johnson and Eric Clapton. Fun fact: Robert Johnson inspired Clapton more than anyone.
by oldrocker on 2/2/2011 12:24pm
love this song by whoever...anyone explain to me what or who "rider" is?
by Rockero on 2/4/2011 10:00am
No, Clapton is no Susan Boyle... but I do believe the tessiture and tone of Clapton's voice give "Crossroads" the punch of british blues that characterized Cream in their heydays, even though Bruce's voice wasn't opera quality, and don't even talk about Baker's murmurs on the background, but what a trio! The best example of musical sinergy I've ever seen.
by who'd be a drummer on 2/14/2011 3:20am
rider i gather means girlfriend, woman etc
by unit30 on 2/27/2011 6:44pm
I'm 62 yrs.old and have been listening to Clapton for the better part of my life. It don't get much better.
by Connor on 3/4/2011 4:10pm
All blues players translate.....fact of life. For me, Clapton does as well as anybody else I've heard in over 60 years of listening.
by erin on 4/13/2011 1:55pm
A few of you fellows sound like nitwits...but with names like that...can't expect too much.
by B on 10/4/2011 7:07am
Dont forget tha shear raw trio jammage
by Steven on 12/4/2011 10:44pm
A barrelhouse was a "juke joint" where Blacks in the rural south met to drink and the lyrics "barrelhouse" is used as in "to barrelhouse" that is, to drink and to dance..
by G on 12/7/2011 11:38pm
Clapton is a machine. plays with precision and soul. Maybe some play faster. But In blues sometimes it's more important what you don't play than what you do. As far as voice; question is, do you believe he's been there. I do. But you're right, he probably wouldn't make a Boy-Band member
by Mr W. on 12/30/2011 8:49pm
It's sad to see so many people who are never gonna be talented resorting to slagging on a great talent, as if your opinion is ever gonna matter anyway, E.C collects about 24 million just in royalties anually,compare that to your lifestyle, dreaming, doin' nothing but putting more crap on the web. Your obviously nobody's! Keep on masturbating.. wankers.
by rjb on 2/3/2012 4:04pm
Just for accuracy's sake, I guess I ought to mention that the recording most of us think of was by Cream, not Eric Clapton solo. The bass and drums were pretty awesome too, although Clapton's part was beyond incredible.
by 12am on 2/16/2012 8:38pm
sometimes the blues picks you!
by Big Jon on 5/25/2012 8:46pm
I hate to use this language but this is "the best live guitar solo ever".
by Dr.NuckinFutz on 6/4/2012 5:53pm
Ok. Give Mr. Clapton a break and check out, on you tube, the dude playing Dobro Blues version of Crossroads. Not the greatest but not shabby. Tappin out.
by Strat Always on 7/3/2012 7:56am
No one has right to critisize Clapton. He is sipmly the best guitar player ever!
by Branes on 7/17/2012 11:43pm
First off, there is a lot in this solo that isn't perfect. And Eric admits it. The timing is off in points and he has to play faster to get to the resolution note. But it's a perfect example of late 60's arena rock with its extended guitar solos. Just try to play it note for note and you'll see where it doesn't fit perfectly with the harmony. But that's not important. This is music history.
Cream practically invented the rock "show" concept. The walls of Marshall amps, loud volume, high energy, long guitar solos.
But Clapton already was famous before Cream from the Yardbirds and then John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers which is when "Clapton is God" graffiti started appearing in London.
But even Eric was humbled when he jammed with Jimi Hendrix. It shook him to his core. The king had been dethroned and he knew it.
But despite everything, he still makes great music.
by CS on 8/3/2012 12:43pm
Just a minor historical point: Cream's lyrics differed from Johnson's original 'Crossroads Blues'.
by Keith on 8/29/2012 1:01am
I also like the version on Lynyrd Skynyrd "One More From The Road" live album from 1976! Ronnie van Zant was a big fan!
by dalton on 9/4/2012 10:52pm
god is here---

clapton is here---

the rest of us mortals---
by littlewing on 10/10/2012 2:36am
Eric Clapton is a guitarist guitarist and guitarist!!!!!!!!! ... never mind how he sings
by Lee Cook on 10/24/2012 9:09pm
Long live Robert Johnson!...Kudos to Clapton for reviving it....Kudos to Ronnie Van Zant and Skynyrd who used to regularly do it and occationally close with it before they settled on the "Free Bird" arrangement
by chefdan on 12/13/2012 2:43am
Clapton is a guitar god no more no less to you douchebags you think he sucks who the hell you listen to man made computer fake music get a clue jackasses
by bigbadbri on 1/11/2013 5:56am
Skynyrd version live awesome as well
by Ray on 3/4/2013 8:50pm
I went down to the crossroads
tried to blag a ride,

Going down to Rosedale,
take my Retter by my side,

Retter,,,,maybe Ritter guitar!
by pie man!! on 4/7/2013 2:08am
Unmanned Lighthouse from the Scilly Isles did a fantastic version of this in 94/5 ish, a massive surprise this was, and an awesome gig!!
by Dangard on 4/13/2013 7:25pm
This song sounds better by the hand of Jeff Berlin and Paul Gilbert, search for it in youtube....
by Danny Chetty/South Africa on 8/9/2013 5:42am
it still remains a powerful music food for the soul. every musician can adapt it for his own style like it is just written. like Tracy Chapman, Eric Clapton, john Mayer so many more. so Robert lives on guys lets appreciate and honor what racism, slavery and class wanted us not to do. its an anti establishment blues so let it just get to your soul like Eric, Jeff and so so many more.
by Wichita Sam on 7/27/2014 5:38am
Maybe the best Clapton version of "CrossRoads" is a reggae version that you can see on Youtube. It has two extended solos, is slow enough to the cool to show through.

After some origional RJ recordings, Clapton is the best interpreter of this blues classic
by kossforever on 9/30/2014 2:17am
Great song originally written and performed by Robert Johnson!
And I put "Free" version (live at sunderland) right up there with Cream's version of this song.
by Big Mama Lightning on 4/10/2015 11:11pm
half the boy (Willie Brown)
twice the man (Robert Johnson)
by GStill on 6/16/2015 7:27am
In this song, Clapton has one of the best blues solos I've ever heard!!!!
Clapton is God!

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