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Hit Squad Heist Lyrics

Artist: EPMD
Album: Business As Usual

PMD: Yo check this out man we're gonna do this man. We got 2
minutes and
20 seconds to get in and out of there. Yo Redman Solo man don't get
there and start frontin' man. Hit the vault get the cash don't
*nobody*. Alright?
Erick: Tom set the detonators. [beep beep beep beep]
PMD: We 'bout to do this shit...
Erick: P let's do!
P: Freeze! (E: Hands in the air!) Nobody move!
(Mack-10 is packed, so don't break fool)
This is a stick-up, real deal, real steel.
(Full cooperation and no one gets killed.
Hey security old man, don't play hero)
Cuz a hero is a dead man, and a dead man is a zero.
Yo, hoe, pu tht loot in the money sack.
(You reach for the button, and then you gettin' smacked!)
?Check the quotes? {HUH?!} Stutter, mothafucka?!
(One more dumb move, P, and I'm-a buck her)
Chill, E. Listen lady, can't afford to do time.
Ome more slip up and your ass is mine.
I need all keys and codes to security boxes,
CDs (Jewels) plus money markets.
(Chill before I bulk like the Hulk, Bruce Banner. Yo Redman) Solo
{What?} Spray the cameras.
All men, women and children please hit the floor.
(Al B.) D-Wade (watch the back door)
Time to get scratch, bring around the 560 (Time check...) Minute and
{Time keeps on slippin-slippin} (Come on, P, man, ya bullshittin'.
(Hurry up, grab the sack and let's do this.
Pray for the Benz and haul ass like Carl Lewis)
A reminder, a hero's nothin' but a sandwich, Gus.
{This is ridiculous} Say another word {I'll make ya famous}
{I feel like Bustin' Loose!} (P's been hit) {ow} A sharpshooter on the
(Aw shit. Yo Redman, keep the money movin'...Yo Tom J, if I ain't out
in 10
seconds, blow this mothafucker up and everybody, y'hear me?)
[Police] {You have 15 seconds to put your weapons down and come out
with your
hands up.
Let it go...{1}
{Yo, we outta here...} [tires screech]


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