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Am I That Easy To Forget Lyrics

Artist: Engelbert Humperdinck

Jim Reeves
Written by Carl Belew and W. S. Stevenson

They say you've found somebody new,
But that won't stop my loving you.
I just can't let you walk away,
Forget the love I had for you.

Guess I could find somebody, too,
But I don't wan't no one but you.
How could you leave without regret?
Am I that easy to forget?

Before you leave be sure you find
You want his love much more than mine.
'Cause I'll just say we've never met,
If I'm that easy to forget.

Before you leave be sure you find
You want his love much more than mine.
'Cause I'll just say we've never met,
If I'm that easy to forget.
If I'm that easy to forget.


by Osman on 5/19/2008 6:19am
This song reminds me of someone a truely loved, and somehow had to sing this song.
by Bismark Duel on 11/30/2008 2:17pm
this song is a kak
by Carolina on 1/8/2009 5:27pm
amo esta cancion.. quiero llevarla de serenata
by ndari on 3/3/2009 9:18pm
I love this song cause it has a sentimental lyrics
by Dian on 3/5/2010 11:18am
Love this song as a reminder of someone in my past
by Sz on 5/7/2010 12:57pm
It reminds me of my Mom....she loved Engelbert...
by alx on 5/29/2010 11:35pm
Dedicated to my wife.
by mona on 7/18/2010 12:20pm
i just keep sending this to someone as a joke not to forget me :)
by whitekatze on 7/25/2010 9:52am
this song reminds me of nothing but a nice melody and sad lyric.
by Twist on 10/5/2010 5:55am
Known this song since I was a kid and the words were pure poetry to me then and now is hurtful wisdom as well.
by Tennyson on 1/19/2011 11:54pm
This song tell my love to my lover who left me dedicated to my love J4A
by Eirol on 4/10/2011 6;00PM. on 4/10/2011 6:02pm
by lchriz41 on 4/17/2011 7:21pm
i always relate this song to my stormy love life.i cry whenever i hear this song.
by stefanny on 4/19/2011 12:09am
my ante love this song same as me
by lorie on 4/24/2011 7:13pm
my friends ask me why i always sing this song and whenever i sing i'll cry.(can't help it)reminds me of my true love.
by Pamela on 4/28/2011 12:06am
I am listening to this song over and over how beautiful the lyrics is and how much I would like to sing for a man who had hot for me but we never had chance together because I was Tied to my love so he found some one
by kristina on 5/18/2011 7:26pm
2 months ago i fell in love with someone,but left me for somebody else.
by jen on 6/11/2011 6:23pm
why cant i forget him,,he left me for someone else but he's still in my heart.
by rlyoaun on 8/15/2011 1:13pm
i dedicate this song to my ex-gf whom i truly love for 7yrs but leave me for another man..
by ryan on 8/15/2011 1:46pm
this reminds me of my 7yrs gf who left me for another man.
by Peter on 8/18/2011 1:12pm
Everytime i hear this song it reminds me on my love who left me for a much younger man after 22 years
by Mahmud on 11/10/2011 3:56am
This song means deeply to me and and I will cry when sing this song.
by Ingrid DAwn Blaza on 11/13/2011 12:44am
My favorite song... it can relate to a real story and in a real life of ours......
by Josh Nakapipi on 12/30/2011 10:17pm
This song always reminds me of someone special,Am I that easy to forget....
by Rose MZ on 3/13/2012 5:21am
This song can be related either in your life, love friends and family too, dont you think so
by Margaret on 3/21/2012 9:41am
Reminds me of the only man that I will ever love, but he does not want me.
by guillermo on 5/10/2012 2:37am
I had just come to USA, I was 19 yrs old and spoke very little english but I could understand " Am I that easy to forget, and send the 45 rpm record to my love in mexico so he wont forget me.
by benisha on 8/18/2012 1:16pm
Dedicated to ma lost luv.... Mackroy..:( I miss u baby.. Cum back:(
by From Vietnam on 9/13/2012 8:41pm
i love this song so much that reminded me of too much memories of the past.
by nilusha on 11/1/2012 8:32am
I love this song
by By: Marybella on 6/22/2013 9:04pm
I love Engelbert Humperdinck. I used to listen to him as a teenager even though I'm not from his generation. People used to tell me that I was an incorrigible romantic, and they were absolutely right. I can listen to his songs for hours.
by amanda mason30/11/13 on 11/30/2013 7:19am
am i easy to for get you i hope so as i do miss you a lot more than i hoped i am putting his name on this one in case my sister sees it.
by Fadilah on 3/23/2014 3:03am
i love this song very much, reminds me of someone, who's seem want to left me
by amanda mason 12/ 10 14 on 10/12/2014 3:31am
i will never for get you as i have one in mind its nick and christian from the bupa care home cant wait.
by i'm a lady on 11/26/2014 8:17pm
someone dedicated this song to me...we knew each other at the workplace..he was eyeing me for quit a long time...both of us have been married to our spouse..end of 2011 he expressed his feeling to me....i beg him to forget me...then he expressed his feeling via this song...and the sweetest moment is, i love engelbert and he actually never knew it...
by noi...... on 2/1/2015 10:08pm
remind me of a man i really & truely loved untill now.i will always cherish & love you.all the best to you.nn meruan di ati ku.God bless u....
by amnada mason 7/11 15 on 12/7/2015 12:18pm
to day i will miss my sister so much it will hurt alot but never mind looking forward to christmas
by amanda mason 21/12 /15 on 12/21/2015 6:36am
as i am going to miss you my dear sisteras i liked her very much and i will keep on loving her as well as my mum

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