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Quitter Lyrics

Artist: Eminem
Album: Quitter

I dedicate this haha
To you
To all my fans
Keepin yall in health
Let's tell this whitey ford to go fuck himself
Cuz its cruel when you listen to what we say
Because this type of fag claims to never be gay
knew you was jealous from the day that
I met you
I set you
Cuz I get respect I betchu
Im even liked better by your niece and nephew
And now you hate Fred b/cuz lethal left you
Peckerwood mad cuz his record went wood
No respect in the hood
led to his to his neck of the woods
got in touch with his roots
found a redneck in his blood
and said
Heck Country western
rap records are good
So he picks the guitar up
and he strums a few notes
he cant rap or sing but, he wants to do both
puts an album out and it rules for part of the year
then Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit come from outta no where
it's a start of an era rockrap's harder this year
noone tryin ta hear some fuckin old fart in a chair
sittin on stage stummin acoustic guitar
in your ear
so start ta get scared
sit back and spark and I dare
figure you can diss me
to jumpstart your career
I punch you in your fuckin chest
till your heart kicks in gear

and fuck the underground ??? nameless crew
like Ima say their name so they can become famous too

you just a quitter and you bitter cuz i came along
and your days of house of pain are gone
If you talk about my little girl in a song again Ima kill you, Ima kill you

Heart attack ta stroke
from tha crack you smoke
to tha rap you wrote
your fuckin answer backs a joke
and Imma tell these mutha fuckin fans the truth
the reason why you dissed me first and I answered you
You said I passed you in a lobby and I glanced at you
like I aint noticed you
Bitch I had a show ta do
Like Im supposed to be starstruck and come over to you
You betta shut your fuckin mouth why you 0 for 2
Back in 94 Limp opened tha show for you
Rock tha crowd better and stole the whole show from you
Took your mutha fuckin DJ and stole him too
So you fall in a slump and get all emotional
So now you singin slang with blues and pluck strings
Confused as fuck cuz now your music sucks dick
Mr. Mr. ass kisser ta get accepted in rap quicker
but neverlast and Everlast is a

you just a quitter and you bitter cuz i came along
and your days of house of pain are gone
If you talk about my little girl in a song again Ima kill you, Ima kill you

Aight listen look
So this is what we ask of our fans
If you ever see Everlast
Whoop his ass
Hit him with sticks, bricks, rocks
Throw shit at him
Kick him, spit on him, treat him like a hoe
Bitch slap him
Do it for me
Do it for Fred
Do it for Limp
Do it for rock
Do it for rap
Do it for Kid
Do it for Ice-T
Do it just to do it
Fuck it he's a bitch
He ain't gonna hit you back
He's nothin
Shit in 5 yrs we'll all be eatin in Whitey's
And He'll be bussin tables in that bitch cleanin the toilets

Ayo fuck this Cut this shit off
Ayo Head

Then "Hit um Up"
That's Why I fucked your mother you fat mutha fucker
Kill Whitey
Ha Ha
What What
Yo Yo
first off fuck your songs and tha shit you say
Diss my wife but atleast I gotta bitch you gay
You claim to be a muslim but, you Irish white
So fuck you fat boy, drop the mike lets fight
Plus I punch you in tha chest.....
weaks heart I rip
Whity ford, forty and white?
Lathargic ass dickhead
I keep on comin while
While you runnin out of breath
Steady duckin while I'm punchin atcha chest
You need to rest
Dialated go ask your people how I leave ya
with your three cds nobody sees
when they released
Evidence don't fuck around with
real emcess
You aint ready for no
underground beef so fuck geeks
I let you faggots know that it's on for life
but Everlast might die tonight
Fatboy murdered on wax and kill
Fuck with me and take a heart pill
You know
Grab the ladies when you see Slim Shady
Call the Dr. ta heal your heart
They shocked ya back
ta life at the clinic but, your bout ta get relaxed any minute
Honkey I hit um up
Yo check this out
You faggots ain't even on my level
Imma let D12 ride on you bitch made ass Faggots

Yo get out tha way yo
Get out tha way yo
Whitey Ford's heart just stopped
Eminem shocked him back


by Adam on 5/18/2008 6:57pm
Why is some of the stuff copied from 2Pac
by seth on 12/3/2010 12:11pm
dude fucked all this shit up man if ur type the lyrics type the right words it doesnt even match the song

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Eminem Quitter Lyrics

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