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Tell Me When To Go Lyrics

Artist: E-40
Album: My Ghetto Report Card

[Hook] x2
Tell me when to go... Tell me when to go...
Tell me when to go... Tell me when to go...

[Verse 1: E-40]
Ooh. Jesus Christ had dreads, so shake em
I aint got none, but I'm planning on growing some
Imagine all the Hebrews going dumb
Dancing on top of chariots and turning tight ones
Ooh, tell me when to go (dumb)
Talking on my ghettro on the way to the store
... My 2nd or 3rd trip
Some Henny, some Swishers and some Listerine strips
Dr. Greenthumb lift, just to ease my thoughts
Not just the cops, but the homies you gotta watch
The moon is full, look at the dark clouds
Sitting in my scraper, watching Oakland gone wild. Ta-dow
I don't bump mainstream, I knock underground
All that other shit, sugar-coated and watered down
I'm from the Bay where we hyphy and go dumb
From the soil where them rappers be getting they lingo from

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2: Keak Da Sneak]
I'm off that 18 Dummy juice
Mega man Labeled the Black Zeus
King of the super duper hyphy,hyphy,hyphy,hyphy,hyphy
And your wifey. She don't like me,like me,like me,like me,like me
From the Bay to the A
Put me in the back wood, Swisher sweet it okay.
It's just some shit I wrote, I said they couldn't be saved by John the Pope
I slid past on the gas, with the bitches at me
It's good, it's good like the granddaddy
Cross game,get flipped like a burger patty
Zig-zag Pass me a big old fatty
I drink white, with a slow buddy
Talking big shit in the scraper, going hella dumb
Know what I mean
Know I'm saying though

[Hook] x2

[Outro: E-40]
Ooh. Now let me direct traffic for a minute (Talk to 'em)
Let me tell yall about this hyphy movement we got going in the bay
When I say somthin' you say it right back at me
Ya smell me we gon' do it like this here
[x4] Ghost-ride the whip
Now... [x8]Scrape
[x4] Put your stunna shades on
Now... [x2] Gas, brake, dip, dip
[x4] Shake them dreads
[x4] Let me see you show your grill
Now... [x4]Fizz face
[x4] Doors open man
[x2]Now...Watch em' swang, Watch em' swang
[x2] Go stupid, go (dumb, dumb)

[Hook] x2


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