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The Car Bomb Lyrics

Artist: Dr.Dre
Album: Dr. Dre 2001 (Explicit)

And now, The Car Bomb.

[Mel-Man]Yo, Re-Re, come on man, letÅ  get the fuck up out of here, man.
[Charis Henry]All right baby, all right Speedy, IÅ  coming, damn!
[Mel-Man]Took a motherfuckin?hour to get dressed, I told you I was gonna be here over this motherfucker, I wanna be in and out. Now, donÅ  fuck around over here.
[Charis Henry]And baby, IÅ  lookin good, all right, IÅ  lookin good
[Mel-Man]IÅ  sayin, fuck that man, IÅ  tryin to get the fuck up out of here, man.
[Charis Henry]All right, all right, IÅ  comin! Damn! Shit!
[Mel-Man]Yo, yo! Yo, hold it, hold it! Whassup, this shit? You know the people right there? You know those
motherfuckers right there?
[Charis Henry]No nigga, I donÅ  know, you paranoid...
[Mel-Man]What the fuck they lookin at? IÅ  sayin you ainÅ  seen the motherfuckers ridin past lookin all at me and shit!
[Charis Henry]Nigga, you trippin, now you, nigga you trippin, letÅ  go, scary-ass nigga you hidin?somethin, letÅ  keep...
[Mel-Man]Man, fuck that man, get in the car, man
[Charis Henry]Aw, goddamn
[Mel-Man]Told you donÅ  fuck around over here and shit
[Charis Henry]Whatever... (tries to start car) Aw...
(tries to start car)
[Mel-Man]Damn, what the fuckÅ  up with this shit?
[Charis Henry]You didnÅ  put no gas in this raggedy motherfucker, goddamn! (tries to start car)
[Mel-Man]I just got a tune-up the other day, man! My shit and all that.
[Charis Henry]Haha...ainÅ  this a bitch, pined-out Pete. (tries to start car) LetÅ  keep, oh my goodness
[Mel-Man]Man, shut the fuck up, let me start my motherfuckin shit
[Charis Henry](tries to start car)
Fuck you, nigga, take me...

(Loud BOOM as car explodes)


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Dr.Dre Lyrics
Dr.Dre Dr. Dre 2001 (Explicit) Lyrics

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