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Mellow Yellow Lyrics

Artist: Donovan

Mellow Yellow

I'm just mad about Saffron
Saffron's mad about me
I'm just mad about Saffron
She's just mad about me

They call me mellow yellow
(Quite rightly)
They call me mellow yellow
(Quite rightly)
They call me mellow yellow

I'm just mad about Fourteen
Fourteen's mad about me
I'm just mad about Fourteen
She's just mad about me


Born high forever to fly
Wind velocity nil
Wanna high forever to fly
If you want your cup our fill


(So mellow, he's so yellow)

Electrical banana
Is gonna be a sudden craze
Electrical banana
Is bound to be the very next phase

They call it mellow yellow
(Quite rightly)
They call me mellow yellow
(Quite rightly)
They call me mellow yellow

Saffron -- yeah
I'm just mad about her
I'm just mad about Saffron
She's just mad about me


(Oh so yellow, oh so mellow)


by fuck you all on 5/17/2008 4:53pm
by Laura on 6/19/2008 8:19pm
I love this song!
by NeNa on 6/20/2008 7:06pm
i freakin love this song...its my showcase dance
by mery on 6/21/2008 7:01pm
i love this song!! my father's group play it. it's very nice
by grace on 6/27/2008 8:37pm
i luv this song!!
by April Ludwick on 7/14/2008 3:16pm
your lyrics are wrong.:)
by clepto chrissy on 7/17/2008 2:40am
by Clepto Chrissy Hater on 8/21/2008 9:42pm
no, they call you mellow faggot. Don't try to change the lyrics on such a good song you suck ass
by ShopRite Clerk on 8/22/2008 5:29pm
Donovan blows!
by ShopRite Clerk Sucks Balls on 9/16/2008 9:51pm
dude you don't know what the fuck you are talkin about this song is awesome. you probly like the crap.
you can't spell crap without rap.
by belamia99 on 9/27/2008 9:03am
This is my favorite song!!!!I also play it on the piano!!!!!Its so fun!!!:) <3
by Jose Lopez Cuervo Margaritta Jones on 10/23/2008 5:16pm
The big Yellow electric banana is a vibrator....da.
Good song though
by Mr. James Landis on 11/7/2008 9:19pm
heh heh... I used to listen to this song on the jukebox at a coffee shop when I was 14. Smoking cigarettes and grooving with my friends over a cup of java.

In case you youngsters don't realize it... this era was the musical Renaissance of the past few decades. I'm so blessed to have grown up during that period.
by kjmjr on 11/16/2008 10:06am
Donvan and real rock rules hip hop and rap have no soul. New songs use the music from older songs because their is a lack or talent or soul music
is dead
by tdk on 11/21/2008 11:53am
the song is cool, i just dont understand what it means!!!!!!
by Sunshine on 12/4/2008 5:52pm
Thanx for the memories. God, what a time we had. Itchycoo Park and all that!
by Sofa Kingdom on 12/5/2008 6:23pm
This song is pretty nice, but why is he singing about electric bananas?

by old rocker on 12/6/2008 12:09pm
Shop-rite does the can-can..........I won't be back.So do as you like''''''''''''
by Captain Modoc Jack on 12/13/2008 10:20pm
Volume #14

Clinical Chemistry . org

February 1968 Volume #14

by The Old Ones on 12/13/2008 10:21pm
Volume #14

Clinical Chemistry . org

February 1968 Volume #14

Read 4 ur self

by Casey on 1/19/2009 9:00pm
The song's all about a vibrator. I learned about it in my History of Rock 'n' Roll class in college.
by R on 1/24/2009 1:25pm


They call me mellow yellow


They call me mellow yellow


They call me mellow yellow
by The p0t h3ad on 2/7/2009 3:27am
i uvv this song i get high to it and stairway to heaven allll he time
by Judging idiots on 2/23/2009 8:09pm
uhhhhh donovan already admitted to this song being about a yellow vibrator
by Renea on 3/17/2009 1:32pm
They call me Mellow Yellow :)
by saffron on 7/25/2009 10:00pm
its so inbarising wen my mum sings the song
by saffron jasper on 12/6/2009 12:04pm
i love this song beceuse my dad allways sings it to me
by Lived thru the time on 2/11/2010 12:05pm
Electrical Banana is a group that Donovan discovered playing in some club in England was the story that came out at the time. They recoded a few songs on some label.
by red london bus 68 on 2/18/2010 7:20pm
a magical song that is quite rightly loved.and Donavan lives in Castlemagner.good for him.
by sexual on 7/22/2010 9:48am
I drink Mellow Yellow.
by 72bora on 8/14/2010 1:45am
Lyrics close, except for this verse:

Born high forever to fly
Wind velocity nil
Born high forever to fly
If you want your cup I'll fill

Bit of an egotistical song :-)
by tony on 9/10/2010 5:47pm
awesome song! that's paul mccartney whipering, "quite rightly".
by bluesdogg on 1/20/2011 7:58pm
bitchen song!!
by joecrozier on 3/2/2011 2:10am
A song that I like very much
by Amazed on 4/22/2011 5:39am
Where did some of you people learn to be so rude. Obviously not brought up, but DRAGGED up. Do you think it is SMART! Very deluded if you do. Have some respect for your fellow human beings!
by bald loving on 5/4/2011 3:12pm
i just freaken love mello yello
by terry358 on 9/7/2011 4:03pm
I've heard different explanations for the lyrics.
1. People experimenting with smoking banana peels.
2.Electric viberator
3. A small band called 'Electric Banana' Donovan saw in a small night club and can be found on playing in Vietnam. A garage band at best !
by grchacha on 10/2/2011 7:50am
there is a very nice coffee shop in Amsterdam that has been there since the 70's named Mellow Yellow after the song...
by Geezer on 3/30/2012 4:12pm
Back when it came out, we were told it was about smoking banana peels so some tried it. Not a good idea.

I also believe Saffron was a drug reference but wasn't into that scene. Loved the music though.
by RICHARD DAVIS on 5/6/2012 11:44am




by johnf on 5/12/2012 2:30am
The time from late summer 1966 to early summer 1967 - the period that begins with the Beatles release of Revolver and ends with Sgt.Pepper - was the real high point of the Sixties
by johnf on 5/12/2012 2:32am
The time from late summer 1966 to early summer 1967 - the period that begins with the Beatles release of Revolver and ends with Sgt.Pepper - was the real high point of the Sixties, and Donovan was flying as high as he says in the song then.
by Anita on 5/29/2012 2:59pm
I always thought the refrain was, "Quite right, slick!' Hahahaha Cool old song
by FIFASTREETGAMER on 6/24/2012 2:51am
they call me smello Jello
by Kathy from Caz on 6/26/2012 10:06pm
Donovan stated "This song is for all the blondes out there." before he sang the song Mellow Yellow at the FREE Syracuse NY Jazz Fest at Jamesville Beach State Park on June 23, 2012. He was awesome!!! I was told he sings for free. He is definetely not "all about the money." He didn't sell anything. He signed fans' t-shirts and album covers after the concert. I love you Donovan!!!
by KevyKanuckian on 8/1/2012 8:12pm
No the reference to the electrical banana is definitely to do with smoking banana peels. The earlier references were correct. That was indeed the buzz of the day when that song was current. Sorry to disappoint the pervs! The rumour was that a "Beatle" (Lennon was most mentioned) had slipped into the studio and said "quite right, slim" during the recording. I don't quite believe it, but at least the phrase sounds closer to what was uttered than "quite rightly". That is simply not what's said.
by pegamn on 5/9/2013 12:12am
The song is about a vibrator, or dildo. Meaning, figuratively its a dildo who is singing.
And Donovan really rocks, mind you.
by forever slim on 6/20/2013 4:40am
wow love the song but i am sure if someone out there knows Donovan personally maybe they could just ask the man what the heck this song was referring to. just saying!! please someone out there help with this one
by squashit777 on 9/16/2013 6:18am
correction to lyrics . last line of verse 3 is
'if you want to cop how I feel'
cop meant understand
by dasbeste on 11/21/2013 6:28am
To cop is to grasp. To cop a feel is to grasp a feel. But, grasp is also referred to understanding. To grasp a subject. :P
by Wooly on 11/26/2013 12:24pm
Isn't the lyric: -
"I'm just mad about Fonteyn"
... as in Dame Margot ?
by Ellyn on 12/3/2013 6:31pm
First of all, I still don't know what it means, but wouldn't it be a great name for a Yellow Lab (dog, that is...)?
by Peter on 5/1/2014 2:51pm
I thought the second item he was mad about was 'Fontain' and at least once in the song he states, ' quite rightsly '.
by Minister of Truth on 6/25/2014 6:47am
Easy kiddies,

Electrical banana is an elec guitar.

And isn't "fourteen" Fountaine, a female name?
by john on 8/17/2014 3:26pm
They call it mellow yellow
(Quite rightly)

If I remember correctly, it is:

They call it mellow yellow
(quite right slick)
by Saberblue on 12/22/2014 6:41pm
Fourteen is supposedly a yellow(mellow) cheese called fontine but I like fourteen better :: )
by RJ on 1/2/2015 6:25am
I'm 65 years old and I've always had my suspicions about this song, thanks to a lot of you I know now what I've been thinking is probably correct. Just a thought

by zete on 2/23/2015 6:07am
Donovan was, in a way, paying tribute to his teeny bob fourteen year old groupie girls. He was 'mad' about them and the things they would temp him to do.
by Sporkweasel62 on 9/26/2015 2:37pm
The rats, the rats, get them off me, get them off me. Lee Decker, Good Friday, 1984.
by Rhiannonfleetwood on 2/14/2019 10:34am
I’m a child of the’s totally about drugs, drugs, drugs. Smoking banana peels was a faze (didn’t work) back then. Saffron, reds and yellows.
by Wannabe janis on 1/17/2022 11:46am
I still remember the yardley makeup company using wear your love like heaven on tv commercials!

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