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Alfie Lyrics

Artist: Dionne Warwick
Album: Alfie

What's it all about, Alfie?
Is it just for the moment we live?
What's it all about when you sort it out, Alfie?
Are we meant to take more than we give
or are we meant to be kind?
And if only fools are kind, Alfie,
then I guess it's wise to be cruel.
And if life belongs only to the strong, Alfie,
what will you lend on an old golden rule?
As sure as I believe there's a heaven above, Alfie,
I know there's something much more,
something even non-believers can believe in.
I believe in love, Alfie.
Without true love we just exist, Alfie.
Until you find the love you've missed you're nothing, Alfie.
When you walk let your heart lead the way
and you'll find love any day, Alfie, Alfie.


by dave diBona on 5/25/2008 8:33am
some of the best collection of
words ever written for a song

they describe so well the conflect
of commitment to a love or the cast
of a free spirit who never stays but is only a sail of the current wind and when the wind is still

by Lizq on 7/10/2008 11:57am
This song sucks ball sacks
by Carol on 11/1/2008 9:36am
One of the most beautiful songs of all times. The popularity of this sound is not lost. I wish this kind of music and songs would come back to the forefront of radio listening.
by Paul on 12/21/2008 3:55pm
What a great lyric. I use the lyrics in funeral homilies.
by libby on 4/12/2009 2:26pm
im still trying to sing this myself, i dont know why, but i have a hard time with it. it is beautiful though, my mom tries to get me to sing it ALL the time.
by 1cent on 4/14/2009 2:04pm
One of my all time favorites. Mr. diBona your interpretation is beautiful in itself. It certainly fits what is happening in my life now.
Thank You!!!

Libby, if you do not feel it in your heart, you will never be able to sing it. Follow your own heart.

Paul, Do you spend that much time at funerals??? so sad
by Fredrick king on 7/4/2010 5:16pm
This a a match made in heaven, to hear Ron isley sing with Burt Bacharach,Alfie. This is one of the great songs of our time and it touches me everytime I hear it, or sing it.
by who cares on 2/8/2011 11:39am
1cent you're a rude loser. die in a fire.
by Mike on 2/17/2011 10:50pm
This song touches my heart.
by Awesome! on 3/30/2011 6:41am
Awesome song! I've always loved hearing Deionne sing it, too. Just watched the movie "Alfie" with Jude law, etal last night.
by DatDorseyGirl on 7/7/2011 2:25pm
Dave DiBona............on point......when the smoke clears and the party is over, what then??
by ellak ek on 7/10/2011 5:53pm
i think that to be cruel is because you are hurt and weack, and because you want to avoid something. but the sentence that says i believe in love let your heat lead you and the begining and the end was lovely. true love is great and friendship is great too... two different kinds of love and love is just
by Medusa777 on 8/2/2011 8:09pm
I sanged this song on July 27, 2011 at an employee appreciation lunch. My co-workers were my audience. They enjoyed it. : D
by Lisa on 1/30/2012 9:02pm
to 1cent: some people like myself are priests or musicians who work at funerals as part of our job. It's not exactly sad. It's a privilege to be let into families' lives at such a sacred time. It's really okay.
by akuta roland on 1/31/2012 7:41am
they say ,this group can help one to be rich ,it is true
by joseph demarco on 3/22/2012 6:41pm
Simply the Best song written.....
by Palmer on 5/17/2012 11:49pm
I think the best version of this is by the late Matt Monroe. I'm trying to remember , who sang it in the original with Michael Caine. I happened to see the stage play at the National Theater in Wash D.C. with Terrance Stamp in the lead role. in the early sixties. I think Juliet Mills was also in it. It is hard to sing especially the closing but it is beautiful.
by alison on 5/22/2012 12:29pm
im sure its cher that sings the one from the film, i looked a few weeks back at the titles and im sure it was cher. ive just named my son after this song as i remember my mam singing it tome when i was a child.. unfortunatly i lost my mother when i was 3 months pregnant with alfie so she never got to see him,but i willcontinue to sing it to him as she did to me...xx
by Dennis on 6/2/2012 2:57am
It was Dionne Warwick who sang the 1966 film version.
by Susan on 6/2/2012 4:42pm
I heard Broadway singer, Christina Andreas, sing Alfie at a Palm Beach Pops concert in November 2011. Her rendition brought tears to my eyes and still does when I think of her singing. Incredible!! I'd love to find a CD of her singing Alfie.
by alison on 6/4/2012 11:43am
just watched the end titles and song on youtube from the michael caine film and in the titles is says alfie lyrics by cher... sounds like her 2
by Baruti on 8/27/2012 12:00am
To broaden the discussion, there is another song,[The Age of Aquarius] that carries the same amount of the same type of energy. Both songs are speaking about or speaking for an awsome SOMETHING, i think.
by Michael on 9/7/2012 2:52pm
The lyric is incorrect.
There is no contraction "it's" in the song.
The lyric is "it is".
For such a small thing, it makes a huge difference. :-)

"And if only fools are kind, Alfie,
then I guess it's wise to be cruel."

should be

"And if only fools are kind, Alfie,
then I guess it is wise to be cruel."
by maru ann on 1/9/2013 10:12pm
Just read breakfast with Buddha & this song popped into my head. Very weird because I have not thought of this song in ages. What's really strange is the dog at the end of the movie " Alfie' looks just like my dog.
by David Umaru on 1/23/2013 4:05pm
I am a big fan of Dionne and I love her voice. Her rendition of this song has always drawn tears in my eyes because she sang it from her heart. I recently played the song on my flute at a jam session and the audience went wild.
by Jane d. on 5/22/2013 7:19pm
So ... In Ormond Beach Fl ... Stopped at a restaurant, Alfie's, for breakfast. I say to my family, "what do you think, how many times a day do you think they are asked, 'what's it all about, Alfie?' To which I got, what the heck are you talking about? The restaurant had a line on their daily menu board - 'what it's all about from alfie' - I may pick this as my ring tone to laugh daily!
by Dom on 8/7/2013 11:44pm
You're right, Michael - and it's important because of the ascending major seventh in the melody on "it is", which happens a few times and makes the song what IT IS (pun intended).

Burt knows what he's doing.
by Sheila Rowe on 9/11/2013 3:19am
Alfie, especially the Cilla Black version has to be the most beautiful haunting song ever written. I loved it as a teenager and still rate it in my top five.
by Sonia Johnson on 3/21/2014 2:03pm
The song is one of the most beautiful songs ever made especially sang by Ms Warwick. I sing it all the time as her version.
by Betty Conway on 5/6/2022 10:49pm
I loved the movie with Michael Caine and particularly LOVED the song.......however, it drives me crazy because once I think of it I CAN'T get it out of my head!

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