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Partners For Life Lyrics

Artist: Diddy
Album: Press Play

(feat. Jamie Foxx)

[Intro/Chorus: Jamie Foxx]
I've been thinkin, times is hard
'Fore it get worse and fall apart
Maybe you should quit your job.. and do what's right
And make you my partner for life
So we can chill (and have a little fun)
So we can chill (and have some little ones)
So we can chill (until our living's done)

[Diddy - over Foxx]
Can I talk to you for a second?
There's some things I've been meanin to tell you
Some things that have been on my mind
Listen to me baby (let's go)

[Jamie] Girl, maybe we should think about it (think about it baby)
[Diddy] Boo you know what? (What)

[Diddy + (girl)]
The day when I first seen you
You know I didn't stand, but I ain't mean to (yes you did)
Back then it wasn't oh so fair
You came through like some good clean air
Skin softer than the softest fabrics
You heard about me (I heard about you)
How I ball like the Dallas Mavericks
Sayin, anything you want, you can have it (give it to me)
That's Harlem World, I get on my grizzly savage see?
From the first day, we laid eyes on each other
at the office I knew we was gon' be lovers (I remember)
Mark hotel under the covers
You said I was cool and not like a lot of them brothers
Who used and abused you and took you for granted
See you a Goddess, that's why you was put on this planet (I love you)
Since you got me all sentimental

[Chorus w/ Diddy ad libs]

[Diddy] C'mon, don't stop
[Jamie] Girl, maybe we should think about it (think about it baby)

You're so amazin
All I can see is us now in the sun just grazin
Boo your brown complexion, I never seen a
same color as coffee a teaspoon of creamer
'Member when I had the Beemer? Remember?
Goin through tough times and knowin the other side was greener
We had a dream, we pursued it
'Member that conversation, all or nothin before we lose it?
You remember - it's all words like music
Came at a time I needed soothin, soul body and mind
At times I felt violent, you kept me in line
Where-ever I went you wasn't far behind
Girl, we got a bond no one can break
And I'm sayin, I pray to God every night we make it - pray to God
I'm hooked and I don't wanna shake you - c'mon

[Chorus - faded into deep background]

[Diddy talks over Chorus]
Yeah I've been doin a lot of thinkin lately baby, yeah
Now I know I done put you through a lot of shit
I know it's hard fuckin with a nigga like me
Yeah, you get a lot of respect for that shit
Ridin with a nigga
You know.. you might as well.

Now sit back and reflect, on all our accomplishments
The mansions, the plush apartments and
The big boats and the cases of whole klicko
I don't ever wanna let you go
It's a certain kind of feelin, you know that feelin you get
When your girl right and you know what's what, uhh
You got me on some lay low stuff
You stood by me, all through that J-Lo stuff
Brush your shoulders off girl, go 'head and brush 'em
Without you around, I can't function
We gon' be together 'til the day we die
And when they put us in the ground we'll be side by side
I never had a girl make me feel like you
And every day I wake up, I feel brand new
I live for you and I'll die for you too
I love you girl


[Jamie Foxx]
Girl, maybe we should think about it
Oh we could be down for life
Have a couple kids and make you my wife, baby
You're beautiful lady
My beautiful, so wonderful
I love you so..

Oh we could be down for life
Have a couple kids and make you my wife, baby
You're beautiful lady
Baby let's chill
Baby let's chill
Baby that's real forever [fades out]


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