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Cheatin' Heart Cafe Lyrics

Artist: David Lee Roth
Album: Your Filthy Little Mouth

[Tritt:] David, maybe you could help me without going back and listening to the lyrics
[Roth:] Sure, what's up, Travis?
[Tritt:] You know what, do we wanna do everything in unison Or you wanna swap back and forth?
[Roth:] How 'bout I take the first two line
And you take the second two lines
And we just rock on from there?

She came from Dallas
That kid was aces
She dressed like Texas
Wide open spaces
He drove a pickup and wore no underwear
She sang the words wrong
But he don't care
They both were trouble
They took a chance

Now, every snowflake pleads, "Not Guilty"
After the avalanche
Now get it straight
Or honey, give it up
You got to get right back to where you started from
Are we gonna be late
At the gate of dreams?
Destiny's a complicated thing

I was leavin' but I'm thinkin' that I ougtha stay, yeah
I wanna chase you cross the dance floor at that old Cheatin' Heart Cafe
She was atomic without a doubt
That cowgirl shirt she wore contained a lot of fallout
He was a cowboy, was what she wanted
The closest to a cow she'd been was eating at McDonald's
Just liked barbed wire
Her attitude
Protected the turf without obstructing the view
Now get it straight

Or honey, give it up
You gotta get right back to where we started from
She took her clothes off
but kept the boots
He wanted Wonder Woman
To tie him up and make him Tell the Truth
All right

Nothin' but the truth
See I was leavin' but I'm thinkin' that I ougtha stay, yeah
And I see that honey I have lost my way
We got a permanent place at that old Cheatin' Heart Cafe
You know we do
Well, all right!

Doncha wanna go?
I wanna chase you round the dance floor
At that old Cheatin' Heart Cafe
Chase each other round the room some, girl
Comin' to get ya
Get it back
Gotta get right back


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