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Get Somebody Lyrics

Artist: Da Brat

[intro: Da Brat]
Damn... I let my guard down
That's fucked up
I let yo' ass in when I shoulda kept you locked out
But it's all gravy
It happen to all of us, you know?
You get hurt, you hurt back
You reap what you sow

[Verse 1: Da Brat]
In the beginning when I met you
I didn't mean to be rude, but I had to sweat you
Cuz you had me wet ooh
I couldn't let you get away
When will I see you again? Another day
Your face was all I needed to see on a daily basis
And my heart in your hands would make it all gravy
But I was mistaken highly
You slid shit right by me
Bein' deceitful and hiding keepin' secrets but still keepin' me smilin'
Inviting hoes to your party
Lord knows I don't wanna get started I'ma hurt somebody
Regardless I'ma love you for what we been through
But keepin' you is somethin' I can't do

[Chorus: Keisha Jackson]
If you get somebody
Not just anybody
Get somebody, who gonna be like nobody
Get somebody
Don't tell everybody
Cuz somebody
Gon' try to crash yo' party

[Verse 2: Da Brat]
As much as I miss ya
I can't get wit' cha
We painted a perfect picture
But I can see clearer now that the rain is gone
But the pains still come on strong
Every so often I get discombabulated
Call in Miss Cleo to see what the tarot cards are sayin'
hopin' that she know how to help a bitch out or suttin'
hopin' that she know a lucky number to come up on motherfuckers that keep frontin'
I'm no fool, you only get one strike here
You blew it so I won't be right here
The best friend you claimed you ever had is gone
and it happened because you left me alone


[Verse 3: Da Brat]
And now that it's over that predicament
Taught me to be a soldier and stay at attention
Fo' my ?
And keep hollerin' at the rich niggaz that keep me shoppin'
I'm better now than ever now
You never found somebody quite like me to stay down
Whatever its meant to be, it be that
And whether it's sent to be, it be that

[Chorus] - repeat w/ ad libs


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