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I Remember That Freak Bitch Lyrics

Artist: Cypress Hill
Album: Cypress Hill IV

[Featuring Barron Ricks]
Aiy yo!
[B Real]
I remember that freak bitch up in the clubs
The Victoria's Secret she give love
No matter which way you keep it
You'll get shoved out the picture now peep it
(You get the gloves bitch!)
I used to know this girl that slanged the green shit
Had it all goin on but it didn't mean shit
She wanted to be a star with big cars
and all the fame that came my way I gotta say
that she was all that, and a bag of indo
with no seed, such a delightful weed
I wish she was still around but, no she's gone
I guess she got blessed and she got put on
Aiyyo I miss that girl, she had the bomb, was the
bomb-diggy bomb bomb, and nope, I'm not Qu'ran
Had all the holy books, and notes to get still
I never met another dealer with that appeal
With those electric eyes, hypnotized
any wise man surprised, the queen of the lye
[Barron Ricks]
Bee eyes, bouncin five deep, clicked of innocence
Hangin with friends, all under surveillance from the government
While Don want tights they floss rights, just chewin on ice
Meditatin with her camp, gettin damp
She's a pimp or tile freak bitch, high maintenance
She got her fuckin clit pierced, chained to her anus
Professional for wettin niggaz up, suck em first
til they bust, swallow nut, then she's quick to strut
right out the projects, been a whore since ninety-one
Suck a niggaz dick for fun, holdin guns in her buns
Type of chick tell you 'fuck me in the ass' talkin shit
While she goin WALLA-WALLA-WALLA-WALLA-WALLA on your dick
I remember that freak bitch, up in the clubs
The Victoria's Secret, she give love
No matter which way you keep it
You'll get shoved out the picture, now peep it
(You get the gloves bitch!)
Yeah since I seen the queen of green on the screen
So I stepped up, to her screen door, like a dream
or better yet like a fiend, who need a fix
She wasn't like other chicks, pullin tricks on the scheme for chips
She was like, Run-D.M.C., _Tougher Than Leather_
Raw bitch, but then she was soft like a feather
Never again will I meet a woman of her nature
SkyPager turned off, datin one of the Lakers
Lucky-ass nigga with the jump shot
He got that hot shit, all in his pocket on lock
Damn I guess I'm jealous that another fella's got with her
but her sister's, bangin too, what should I do?
Fuck it I'll do like my nigga Smooth with the Princess
Plantin my seed in the next Queen of Buddha Bless
Fuck playin the second string, on the squad
I'm blowin up, all in your face, word to God
[Barron Ricks]
Yeah I fucked her in the Hershey Tunnel, deep inside
it made her pussy bubble, aiyyo she told me that it loves you
I told her 'arch that back, let me see that ass'
And then I kissed it, licked it, stuck my nose all in position
? baby listen, can't you see my fuckin dick is throbbin
She started slobbin and gogglin, spittin burblin burpin it
I told her 'just don't matter baby, just don't bite it'
No hold barred, my dick was hard enough to dent a car, I stuck it in
between to spread the Red Sea apart, the pussy fart
was a motherfuckin work of art, she rode my dick
just like a Kawasaki til the pussy started soundin sloppy
like an old jalopy, time to nut
Took off the condom slapped her on the but, then I bust
on her face in between her lips
Then she started lickin it, cause it was good shit, protein!
High and rich.. damn I got my shit freaky, Mr. Ricks
I remember that freak bitch, up in the clubs
The Victoria's Secret, she give love
No matter which way you keep it
You'll get shoved out the picture, now peep it
(You get the glove bitch!)


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