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Neansai Mhile Gra Lyrics

Artist: Clannad
Album: Clannad in Concert

A Neansa, 'mhle gr, a bhruinneall 't gan sml

Go bhfeice mise'n t-dh 'gus an san ort

Ba ghile do dh limh n cr geal na tr

N'n eala 's a' snmh ar an ‰irne

Is glaise liom do shil n braon beag den drcht

Is binne liomsa t n na tada

'S mur' n-ala tusa liomsa titfidh m i lionndubh

'Gus cuirfear insa chill 'do dhidh m

Is ioma sin guth mn a chluinimse 'ngach aird

Abhus agus taobh thall den ‰irne

Go Corcaigh na gCuan 's go Bal Ath' na Sluaigh

'S Neansa 'thug bua ar a' mid sin

A Mhuire 'gus a Dhia, nrbh aoibhinn deas 'r saol

D mbeinnse agus le chile?

Trthnna aoibhinn ciin, mise 'gus mo rn

Ag cogarnal ar uaigneas slibhe

Beir litir uaimse suas chuig Neansa chaoin na gcuach

Is aithris di gur buartha at m

Aithris di ars nach gcodlam fin aon oche

Le harraing at tr mo thaobh deas

Aithris d sil, aithris d cl

Aithris d min mhaith chill

Aithris d ceann 's d biln at binn

Gur ghiorraigh s go cinnte mo laetha'

Rise up, ye stalwart men

And put the pitch alight on your torch sticks

Vanquish those who would do us evil

And establish the rule of France

And oh woman of the house, what ails you?

Oh woman of the house, in two years or three

From this year out the land will be rent free

And oh woman of the house, what ails you?

Here's a jug on the table and the beer's coming

And the Duke of York has sufficient arms

The French and the Spaniards at the shore's edge

And how bitter that is than woman's chatter

Alas and alack when I was young

Two years old and no evil thought in my mind

That I didn't join the King's navy or army

Instead of spending my life looking after you

May my back be broken under this weight

If I ever come back to bring you sorrow

And so many women from here to the Blackwater River

That would go along the road with me and have a drink


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