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I'm Ok Lyrics

Artist: Christina Aguilera
Album: Stripped

Once upon a time there was a girl
In her early years she had to learn
How to grow up living in a war that she called home
Never know just where to turn for shelter from the storm
Hurt me to see the pain across my mother's face
Everytime my father's fist would put her in her place
Hearing all the yelling I would cry up in my room
Hoping it would be over soon

Bruises fade father, but the pain remains the same
And I still remember how you kept me so afraid
Strength is my mother for all the love she gave
Every morning that I wake I look back to yesterday
And I'm OK

I often wonder why I carry all this guilt
When it's you that helped me put up all these walls I've built
Shadows stir at night through a crack in the door
The echo of a broken child screaming "please no more"
Daddy, don't you understand the damage you have done
To you it's just a memory, but for me it still lives on

Bruises fade father, but the pain remains the same
And I still remember how you kept me so, so afraid
Strength is my mother for all the love she gave
Every morning that I wake I look back to yesterday

It's not so easy to forget
All the lines you left along her neck
When I was thrown against cold stairs
And every day I'm afraid to come home
In fear of what I might see there

Bruises fade father but the pain remains the same
And I still remember how you kept me so afraid
Strength is my mother for all the love she gave
Every morning that I wake I look back to yesterday
And I'm OK
I'm OK


by alexandra on 5/15/2008 6:59pm
i love this song its so sad..i dont know if its actually about her life..or just a girls life
by Mr.Mortzfeldt on 5/21/2008 9:45am
by lol on 5/24/2008 5:10am
by Mckenzie on 5/26/2008 8:09pm
this song so relates to me and i love her writing it and saying what i wish i could have said
by carolina on 5/30/2008 1:21pm
Amazing song! makes me cry!
by Me on 6/5/2008 3:41pm
Its about her..... and it reall hurts to think that a man would hurt a beautiful women like her
by Renavie on 6/9/2008 2:17pm
yea, im not sure either. i hope its not about her life. thats such a sad song..... :(
by Lee on 6/14/2008 4:32am
Its actually her life!
This song is for her father ..
She told it in an interview!!
Its amazing that she turned in that beautifull and selfsecure woman she is!!
by heragui on 6/19/2008 6:01pm
i luv this song is my favourite one, maybe cuz i think in my life and is sad remember it.
by Danielle on 6/20/2008 2:47pm
her mother was with someone who used to beat her up alot and thats what this song is about, amazing words x
by by julian on 6/24/2008 7:32pm
itz her own mothers fault
by Diana Mikhail on 7/14/2008 3:03pm
i love this song... my sister loves christina aguilera more then all of you
by deeeeeee on 8/8/2008 12:40am
its bout her real life and its not her moms fault look her up on the internet
by sarah on 8/29/2008 1:15pm
reaminds me of how much of a bastard my old dad was.... didnt hit me but loved to shout abuse at me =[
by Cristina on 9/10/2008 7:30pm
This is all too familiar. It makes me cry everytime. I have so much bitterness and vengence against my own father. Shame on men who push women around to feel powerful. Thank you, Christina. Without this song, I wouldn't be here today. You're my inspiration everyday. Keep pushing on.
by sarah on 9/11/2008 3:56am
hey great song, sad reason. but yer its her father who was abusive. its like all over the net..
by cheyenne on 9/19/2008 9:15pm
this is one of the most amazing songs ever it not a big hip hop or pop song its true things like this happen to lots of kids everywhere...its just a great song
by nada on 9/21/2008 8:20am
i like this song too much , and i wanna to know this song is really hv a same thread between the singer and girls life or nor?
by sari on 10/16/2008 6:45am
"by by julian on 6/24/2008 7:32pm
itz her own mothers fault"

What the F*ck are you talking about?? How could it be her mothers fault?? Stupid ass
by tonya on 10/22/2008 3:41pm
it is about her own life
by sara on 10/27/2008 6:37am
whoever said how can a man hit a beautiful womaan like that i understand that but how can a man hit any womaan!! its just not her
im sure other woman are going threw this right now
by Stephanie on 11/19/2008 3:24pm
I think this song is amazing , I actually can relate to this but the strength wasnt my mother because she didnt do anything about it . Im 18 now & she turned on me for my dad .
I really think this song was my inspiration to push on because of my last boyfriend i lived with who beat me like my dad did and I thought it was okay because my dad did it to my mother and us . Thank you christina for giving me the strength to push on
by Kenia on 11/27/2008 11:54am
I remember my dad hitting my mom... it really sux cuz... i was just a lil girl and i didnt kno really wat was goin on... but i did understand that
it was sumthin wrong was happening...
but at the end everythin turned out fine,... my dad left da house n went wid anoder woman... n i guess his beating her up like he used 2... 2 my mom...
by lilly on 12/18/2008 1:30pm
my mom and dad never fight it must be hard to deel with something like that
by Cozzy Mqz on 1/5/2009 10:03pm
me encanta esta cancion, siempre me hace llorar :'( pipipi
by Haly on 2/24/2009 4:15pm
I think that this song is very deep. It affects me every time I hear it. I cry. This is something that both Christina Aguilera and I share in common. The same way she feels I do to. And, this is really sad. It motivates me. Shes amazing.
by Darkness. on 3/10/2009 4:47pm
Wow. This song is so amazing. The words are so powerful, and in inspiring. I can definitely relate to this song, my dad never abused my mom, but ht abuses me. It's tough to deal with it all, especially at such a young age. I hope i will turn out so strong as Christina Aguilera.
by illlieeee.x on 3/31/2009 1:23am
This is so sad and touching. My Dad hit my Mum and i, and these words in the song sums up everything i feel, everyday. If you've been through abuse, just stay strong. I love Chrisitina, for songs make me think there is hope, thanks.
by tangerine on 4/7/2009 11:02am
it is about her real life
so is "oh mother" from her album back to basics
this singer has one of THE MOST amazing voices in the world
love her
by Arabian girl on 4/11/2009 1:57pm
im actually loving the english songs but i realy love this song becouse i feel the same , and its remaind me about my life .
by Olivia Blair on 8/22/2009 6:32pm
I can relate to this song in some way. My stepdad is verbally abusive most likely due to his alcoholism. There is a line, on one side he is okay then when he crosses that line, he is pure evil. He has never physically abused me or my mother but hits other thigns instead. What hurts is being put down by him everyday.
by shelby on 6/14/2010 10:06am
its sad yeah but its not about her mother beating her her mother never did it was her dad. duh. lol at the lyrics
by Jesse on 6/14/2010 12:47pm
Just watched a VH1 special on her last night and yes, this is about when she was a little girl. I am a guy but I have been throught this exact situation to a T and so this song affects me immensly (SP.)
by charlotte on 6/14/2010 4:58pm
its about her life, because that was what her mother went through and what she thinks about it
by alejandra on 6/15/2010 12:13am
i love this song i can feel her pain ive been through that soo many times,but i juss dont kno why my mother keeps going bacc to my dad i love him with all my heart but i juss wish he can stop all i can do is pray!!!
by olivia on 6/16/2010 3:34pm
it is about her life which is why she is the strong woman she is because she didnt need a man very female empowered person. hints: cant hold us down and fighter
by Cinthya (: on 6/22/2010 6:01pm
This Song is About her Life, There was a Vh1 Special and It talks about her life, You guys should watch it. You should Also listen to her Song: "Oh Mother" It's Also Very Sad ):
by Kaylan LeeAnn on 6/27/2010 7:34am
This song is about her father abusing her and her mother. If you actually listened to the song and looked at the lyrics you would know that. It isn't her fault or her mom's fault they got abused.
by Lockheed Martin on 7/16/2010 3:16pm
Its about her mom, her dad used to beat her mom. I can prove that. Watch Storytellers: Christina Aguilera.
by Priscilla on 7/27/2010 11:00pm
Yess this is an amazing song. And to all of u tht is going through the same thing. I hope eveything is ok wish u all good luck :).
by lexieeeeee on 8/9/2010 8:17pm
awesome song. yes people it is sad. and yes about her own life for the millionth time. also remember its not always the father or the boyfriend who can beat one another. my mother actually used to be physical with me..guess thats what drug and alcohol addction do to you. but its only made me stronger. i got through that at a really early age. nothing can or will break me. stay strong.
by look it up! on 1/5/2011 12:22pm
julian on 6/24/2008 7:32pm
by nessa on 1/6/2011 4:00pm
this song is so sad. It reminds me of my childhood.. this song explains my whole life and everything i stand for. I love her for this song.
by mellisaa on 1/24/2011 6:48am
it well nice song love you

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