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Land Of The Severed Meatus Lyrics

Artist: Cattle Decapitation
Album: To Serve Man

Enter the count
In all his grimoire testimony
Generations of genocide
Severed sex glands to his delight
Meatuses litter the ground
Every step-hundreds of genitals
Placed here for the kingdom of sodomy
Fanfare of depraved in despair
Blinding stench of carnage
Dismembered, discarded

In the perineum and out the mouth
Quartered by wooden spikes
Absence of genitalia
Hidden by disgorged abdomen
Entrails spill upon the land and then
swept aside to my delight

Enter the tyrant
With all his carnal necrophelia
Generations of genocide
Severed sex glands to his delight
Meatuses under your feet
Placed here for the kingdom of sodomy

A cornucopia of throbbing gutshed
The sand is blood red
And stained with disease
Every appendage is pinned and held high
A testament to humanity
Cannot you just die?
Everything you know.
Everything you love.
Must be destroyed.
You die annihilated

Islets and divided sectors
For every body part
Standing in fields of disease
Praying on bended knees
That you might survive
As you've lost your arms
As they've tossed your legs
The hounds now eat the carnage
A fleshy turf now thrives
You've died of your wounds
Earthen visceral womb
Geography-a tomb

Enter the christian
So blind in your demise
Impossible to run
With spikes through your thighs
Meatuses litter the street
Placed here for the kingdom of sodomy


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